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During Tiger Woods’ Wednesday practice round at the Valspar Championship, a particularly bold young fan slipped under the ropes and approached the 14-time major champion.

Golf‘s Dylan Dethier captured the tiny trespasser in action.

Now, in assessing the early #taeks on this event, many have pointed out in previous Woodsian eras, Steve Williams would have tackled the tot like he were suspected of wearing a dynamite vest. Joe LaCava however, is caddie to a kinder, gentler, Tiger, one who, perhaps surprisingly, gave the enterprising young man his signature.

And while this may seem on the surface like a heartwarming told of a cute little boy in a “Tiger, my mom wants your autograph” tee shirt, it is dangerous. Dangerous, I say! A veritable menace!

We’re setting a potentially disastrous precedent here at Tour events. “Don’t queue up after the round to get your favorite player’s autograph, just bull rush him during a practice round, kids!”

And the possible ripple effect of the endorsement of this child’s brazen behavior is even more troubling. Today he learned that he can break the rules and benefit in a big way. What happens when he begins applying this logic in other arenas of his life?

Tiger Woods ought to have denied the young man’s request, scolded him for his fairway invasion, and sent him back outside the ropes empty handed.

Discipline! Character building! Actions and consequences! What has our society come to?

And does this child’s mother really want Tiger Woods’ signature, or is this merely a calculated rouse to get the golf legend’s ‘graph?

We’re obviously dealing with a budding criminal mastermind here, so anything is possible…which isn’t to touch on the conspiracy theory that the boy’s family may have sent him inside the ropes, knowing he had the best chance of scoring the autograph they clearly so desire.

Yes, you’ll want to remember this face, folks, you’ll see it on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List (and in your nightmares) soon enough.

But really, credit to Woods and those involved for the handling of this situation…let’s just hope the lad’s parents reminded him fairway invasion is a faux pas (but also life is a gamble, take calculated risks, and all that good stuff).


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