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OK… 10 things you most likely didn’t know about me or grasp from previous blogging, in no particular order we have…

  1. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my life, CBT helps! (CBT = cognitive behavioural therapy).  There are always good days and bad days, dark days and bright days!  The bright and good days being more than the bad and dark are a good thing!
  2. My late sister had autism, I was always younger than her physically yet mentally I grew older than her yet we always had a close bond!
  3. Travelling, I love finding new places, exploring new areas, my life partner took me to New York in December 2008, he knew it was number one on my destination bucket list!
  4. In 2009 we, as a family (dad’s side) found we had long lost cousins in Australia, through an old blog (no longer exists) a post brought to light relatives in Yorkshire, Suffolk, Devon, Australia and London!
  5. Hobbies include blogging randomness on here, and helping my fella with his business website (see Midlands golfer link top right).  Walking, golfing, swimming, and Geocaching
  6. Sudoku and crochet are mainly my rainy day hobbies, I started crochet projects a couple of years ago and via learning from Bella Coco on you tube … she really is the best person to learn from if you are new to the hobby, then lots of projects pop up via her channel and on the facebook group and you just want to start everything at once!
  7. Foods such as salmon, sea bass, prawns, I would not eat prior to meeting my fella as I was scared with things like salmon and sea bass that I would choke on any bones so I will eat them at home now (he prepares them) but I won’t eat them in a restaurant.
  8. We much prefer to sit at home and watch movies, mainly because the snacks are cheaper, the seats are comfier and you can pause it to go for loo breaks.
  9. I absolutely love most animals, birds etc, not keen on rats, hate ants! First pet for me was a cockatiel that landed on our shed roof, nobody claimed her so we took her in.
  10. If I am not going out I practically live in my pyjamas all day, they have to be Primark!


OK so there are 10 things, you can either do your own post or comment with your 10 things 🙂 Your perogative

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