2004 US Open~Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Retief Goosen~


6 thoughts on “2004 US Open~Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Retief Goosen~

  1. Todd Grant

    Shinnecock is my favorite US Open Venue- Just a pure track. Great upload, along with all the others. Do you have the 2001 Open that David Duval won? Never found the final round on Youtube, or long highlights of his finest golfing moment.

  2. We Plants Are Happy Plants

    awesome, always glad to see new uploads. not be picky or anything but I noticed how a lot of these older videos have really strange width-height ratio, like Tiger is super wide and short in most of them. Could you possibly play with the ratio settings and make it look closer to reality, would help me study the swings much better. cheers


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