2016 Ryder Cup- Hazeltine /Warmup prior to PM Matches Fourball (9/30/16)

Recording of some warm up practice just prior to Round one Fourball matches. Watching patterns at setup, swing and routine. Notice always aiming, turning with arm extension, and finishing. If you watch Danny Willet on far right with his driver. This 2016 Masters champ resets each time behind the ball. EVERY TIME. Boring to many and shaky I know, but this glimpse of seeing the best replay their setup and swings that allow them to be successful on the golf course and under competition, is truly what this golf dork loves to see.

I only wish I had some recordings of the players while they were putting. Unfortunately 7:30am matches with only four pairings at a time a 45min-hour commute with traffic and shuttle does not make it enticing or easy to beat the 6am crowd (50K attended each day). So I guess I will just have to go to another majors event in the future.

The roars in the background are definitely similar to those at the masters, but the costumes, heckling and fun jawing and sportsmanship is definitely unlike any golf event (except the Solheim Cup for the Us & Eurpean Ladies). 2017 Solheim in Iowa, Ryder cups in 2020 at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin & 2022 at Beth Page Black in New York are already etched in the brain….though my kiddo is going for 2018 in France….you never know…..in any case…thankful and spoiled and absolutely love the game.

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