2016 Ryder Cup: Spieth, Reed & Rose, Stenson ~Four Ball~

Grab a bag of popcorn or chips and get cozy in your sofa for some Ryder Cup action. What a rally by the Europeans to fight back in such fashion but the Americans are not ready to give in so easily. Enjoy and please remember to subscribe!

24 thoughts on “2016 Ryder Cup: Spieth, Reed & Rose, Stenson ~Four Ball~

  1. Angelo Giantsopoulos Golf

    Hey great video mate. Sorry if some of my subs are giving you some criticism. I know how long these take (I'm making one as well) so whatever you do is well respected. Have a good day.

  2. Jeffrey Smith

    Thank you for your fine work with the channel ball striker,,my love from Detroit MI,,keep up the great work!

  3. georg g

    excellent idea, ball striker. You might be in the mood to put up some more complete singles matches that didn't get much coverage on live tv? That would be very interesting. No Westwood, please! ;-)


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