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As for the scenarios, it was not a Hollywood ending, but JB Holmes finally managed to do the work at the opening of the Genesis Open in 2019 with a score of less than 70 in the final to finish at 14 and defeat Justin Thomas in one fell swoop. . Holmes edged Thomas by four after playing the last 16 holes of their third round early Sunday morning, but Thomas shot 75 points in the fourth round, played in the afternoon. It all sounds simple, but it certainly was not.

Holmes went around to Thomas after J.T. shot 37 on the front. Then Holmes took the lead while Thomas was 10th and Holmes birdied. They reversed the roles on number 11 while Holmes was three punches and Thomas made a birdie to take him back. Then Thomas doubled (!) The 13th and tripled (!) The 14 to give him back the lead, and he never found it. Holmes signed the road to victory in Riviera and his fifth title on the PGA Tour.

"We wanted to make a good show for everyone, so Justin and I thought we would do three putts a few times over short distances," Holmes told Peter Kostis of CBS Sports. "It was really hard in the back.The wind was blowing hard.It was hard to put in. It's the way you want to win.You want to get to the end and be able to hit blows and making key putts, it had to be exciting to watch. "

The final at home was worthy of the course or event. Thomas missed the No. 18 putt in the third round, which would have set a record of 54 holes and circled the course over the last 18 holes. Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott and Tiger Woods were in the dream of an attacker. But when the cold wind and cold hit the final nine of the final round, the high level of play that we had experienced throughout a rain-soaked week stopped abruptly (and not just because we were waiting for Holmes). on apparently every shot).

All the players interviewed at the end of the day mentioned the difficult conditions that awaited them at home. Despite a pair of three putts in the back, Holmes sailed better than most other players. The average scores of 72.2 total and 36.8 on the last nine places were the two highs of the week, but Holmes cracked one (70) by cracking the other (36). Its price was a close victory over the world's No. 4 on one of golf's iconic golf courses, even though it took a complicated finish to get there. Grade: A +

Here are the rest of our notes for the Open Genesis 2019.

Justin Thomas (2nd): The last round for me was less focused on what Holmes had done and more on what Thomas had not done. After burning the pitch with his putter in the first three days (26, 24 and 24 putts, respectively), he lost three shots on the field on the greens in the last round and made an impressive 34 putts on 18 holes (including seven on holes No. 13-14 and 19 in total on the last nine). It was not what I expected from him after a first almost perfect 54-hole course. Grade: A

Rory McIlroy (T4): It should not be surprising that a place like Riviera produces a ranking with names such as Thomas, Scott, Leishman and of course, McIlroy. Ulsterman was great from tee to green (second in the pack) and did well (top 25). A 5-5 finish over the last two holes on Sunday while he was within striking range was disappointing, but McIlroy said that the new wind was incredibly difficult, and that the start would still be too long given his departure. eighth from the back of the fourth round.

Rory started the last round 8 back. He is now 3 in the lead. A final return of 8 strokes to the victory would equal the 3rd of the world in @PGATOUR l & # 39; history.

– Justin Ray (@JustinRayGolf) February 17, 2019

My favorite moment of the week, McIlroy, came to normal 5 to 17th Sunday, while he was cleaning a 69 in the 3rd day. He had 252 yards for the hole and was holding an iron. Justin Leonard from Golf Channel said something in the sense of, This is just a thumbs up for McIlroy back as McIlroy hit hard right beside the green. It was great to watch perhaps the best striker on the planet on the planet cut and shoot the spectacular holes of Riviera, even though the result was another close call for McIlroy. Grade: A

Tiger Woods (T15): Woods fainted with a 38 on his back on Sunday after lighting up the world with five straight trios to start his third round. It's obvious he ran out of gas, but he still climbed into the standings late in the day as everyone faded back home in the wind and the cold. The conditions for this 43 year old body, however, were not the best.

"I was tired, I do not know if I was the only one, but I really felt it today," said Woods at Dottie Pepper, of CBS Sports. "The energy dropped a bit, the wind, the cold, it was a war of wear there."

Despite everything, Woods provided spectacular moments after concocting the final result and delivered the maximum possible results without having to finish in the top 10 of a golf tournament. Grade: A-

Jordan Spieth (T51): The triple major champion does not seem to have found the kind of consistency that marked the first part of his career. For example, Spieth started a 34 on the back nine of his third round on Sunday morning and opened round 4 with a birdie on the first. His next hole resulted in a dead leg in an unplayable area and a doubled six times. He then shot 81 (!). And he had to parry his last eight holes to do it! The lowest score on Sunday was a 78.

Spieth scored a 3-4-5-6-7-8 on the card in Sunday's final round, with the eight arriving at the 10th hole in Normal 4 where he took seven of those shots at 27 yards. The whole sequence of events was amazing.

He has six weeks before Augusta to realize it. Grade: C

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