Alcohol, 35 Years Apart

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1983: Beer. More beer. And then maybe even more beer or some gin or rum. I cannot imagine myself getting tired of alcohol.

2018: I was wrong. I am tired of alcohol. I’m also tired of the boring chit chat, the uninteresting band, and the people around me whom I had figured out hours ago and I want to move on. When will this session end so I can go home?

1983: Alcohol, anytime, anywhere, and unlimited, until I run out of time or money. Or both.

2018: Alcohol, preferably half a bottle of chilled wine, or 3 very cold bottles of beer. At home, after dinner. No more than that. In bed by 11 p.m. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow and I don’t want to feel miserable.

1983: I don’t care who you are. For as long as you’re offering me alcohol, I’m your best friend for the night.

2018: I don’t care who you are. No, I really don’t. Unless social mores have me stuck with you for the night, or we have business to discuss or you’re one of the 10 people whom I call my real friends, thanks for the offer, but I’d rather be moving towards being home by dinner. The rush hour sucks.

1983: Another beer? Sure. Another bucket of beers? Even better.

2018: Another beer? Sure. Another bucket of beers? No, please. There’s two more bottles in there that I’m no longer interested in.

1983: Binge drinking? Sure. I’m ready. Like right now.

2018: Binge drinking? Sorry, I reserve that for a select group of high school buddies who are usually 850 kilometers away from me. I also doubt if we can keep up a conversation for more than 2 hours. And please give me a few days’ notice, I need to prep my liver.

1983: Free beer? Yes, of course, whoever you are! That’s the best tasting beer!

2018: Free beer? No, thanks, I think I’ll pass. I’m still working. I can buy my own when the time, people and place are right.

1983: Drunk? No problem. I can still do anything, only with less coordination and less restraint. I can still work, go to another bar, blog or email my friends. Or join social media, if such a thing existed then.

2018: Drunk? Uh-oh, time to be going home, to sleep. Everything is much harder to do. Straight to bed. I don’t want to be doing or saying anything I’m going to regret tomorrow.

1983: How many bottles have I consumed? 8 bottles? Only? I’ve got room for 3 more!

2018: How many bottles have I consumed? 8 bottles? Already? That’s five more than what I wanted. Time to go home.

People can change. I did.

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