23 thoughts on “Amy Poehler & Tiger Woods 2011.03.16

  1. Dawgmandede

    he's not. They had to flip the video to get around copyrights. Everything is reveresed in this video (flipped horizontal canvas)

  2. Krystal Marie*

    Tiger has an attitude going on…what's his problem?? He might take golf seriously as a career but he isn't going for any awards on lnjf. Just hang out and have fun with two funny people. Amy and Jimmy are hilarious!!!! Jimmy <3

  3. newradiovision

    Tiger was on the show once before—before the scandal—also to promote an earlier edition of his golf game. They played it in Times Square. But he doesn't do many late night shows. Jimmy's show just happens to be the only show that promotes video games.

  4. luftisbollen

    Mirrored video 🙁 WHY)
    They disturbe tiger 🙁 (so he just take the hit) i would love to see tiger play this for real)
    Funny, but where are the IQ 🙁 (Anyone knows about speed + acceleration = distance)


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