Andy Murray vs Kei Nishikori Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016
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40 thoughts on “Andy Murray vs Kei Nishikori Highlights ᴴᴰ US OPEN 2016

  1. Jignesh

    Great game.. thanks for uploading the highlights..
    Andy is a great player.. but I don't like him for some unknown reasons! Glad to see him out.

  2. Andrew Simpson

    Murray is a fucking mug and a twat he acts like a crybaby when he is losing. No wonder Amelie Mauresmo quit as his coach she said his on court behaviour upset her.

  3. Leszek Halama

    Widzę, że komentarz panów Domańskiego, Sidora i Stopy idzie na całą Europę pozdrowienia dla was i całej ekipy, życzmy sobie aby co najmniej taki sam poziom Nishikori zaprezentował w półfinale i być może w finale.

  4. Eugene Song

    30:45 Why I no longer root for Murray. There's a chance Djokovic might have given him a racquet clap (Federer generally does not applaud great shots by opponents). Bur Murray…slamming the net like that made him look like a douche in my eyes.. A suck and a poor sport. Yea, he's a competitor and left it all on the court, but generally not in control of his emotions..not someone I'd want children emulating or looking up to on the tennis court..

  5. unowen7591

    Murray has such an ugly attitude. His sportsmanship is so low.

    And his game is so boring. Only his matches can last 32minutes and 49seconds worth of highlights.

  6. ALIENS1393

    Создаеться впечатление на расстоянии как будто Энди Маррей играет с маленьким Новаком Джоковичем.)


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