Angelic Champion In Gee Chun’s Great Golf Shots 2016 Evian Championship LPGA Tournament

In Gee Chun’s Great Golf Shots 2016 Evian Championship LPGA Tournament from 1 Step to Better Golf Watch more videos featuring golf instruction tips, beautiful women golfers, golf music videos, and funny golf bloopers from the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour and Asian Tour. Featured professionals include Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, Lydia Ko, Tiger Woods, Lexi Thompson, Ben Hogan and more. Featured tournaments include the Masters, US Open, British Open, and more.

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7 thoughts on “Angelic Champion In Gee Chun’s Great Golf Shots 2016 Evian Championship LPGA Tournament

  1. Paul DePace

    Great video…. I could watch it all day long.

    In Gee Chun…. went to the driving range with her father and one of his friends when she was little, got teased by her father's friend when she duffed the ball. A genius level IQ and math whiz in school, from that day on, In Gee wanted to take up golf.

    In Gee's parents were not wealthy by any means. And in the ensuing years, her parents spent their life savings on her golf training, unbeknownst to In Gee. Her father actually lost his small store. And her mother was injured and unable to work her part time job. They hid this from In Gee who was, by then, traveling a bit to play in more difficult amateur tournaments. When she found out the real situation with her parents, she turned pro to try to earn money.

    When In Gee won the Korean Open at 18 years old, she broke down crying. She had birdied the last four holes to win by a stroke and make enough money to help her family and launch her career. Last year, in her first LPGA tournament, she won the Women's U.S. Open. She just won her second major, The Evian Championship, in France two weeks ago.

    To say that In Gee Chun (Chun In Gee) is a superstar in S. Korean now, is an understatement. Yet she remains soft spoken, humble, gracious and everything that you see about her and read about her is true. She is an angel.

    Do you think I am pretty biased about her?! You bet. I followed her when she played her in the Dallas area in the LPGA Texas Shootout event this past Summer. I was fortunate enough to meet her coach Won Park (Park Won), who was walking in the gallery. And I had a chance to talk with him as we walked along. His English is excellent, and I was so grateful to be able to convey everything I thought about his dedicated training of In Gee, and also what a big fan I was of hers. I told him, even though she had already accomplished a lot, that "She is going to be something very special"…and she is continuing on her way. Just to make eye contact with In Gee Chun and have her smile like she does to you is like Heaven. I get tears in my eyes every time I listen to her interview after the Evian. Struggling to find the right words to convey her feelings in English, she gave everyone credit except herself. After she won, she asked, "Am I dreaming?"

    I hope In Gee Chun wins every tournament she ever plays in… She deserves every break in life she can get.
    She is one of a kind. Just something so special.


  2. Mminoggi

    Most beautiful fluid golf swing I have "ever" seen! Most physically beautiful and internal beauty in the same person makes her second to none imo. Her humbleness in the midst of a record breaking Major win is such a refreshing thing to witness. So well deserved!! Wishing and predicting many more wins for In Gee that golf fans can enjoy!

  3. Peter Hyung Choi

    who is coming up this video?   Great Great !!!!!!   When I go to field before, I am playing so good.


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