Apple Watch Series 2 vs Garmin 735 XT vs TomTom Spark 3 – Battery & GPS test

Apple claims that without the heart rate tracker turned on, the Apple Watch can last a 5 hour marathon. With our dedicated runner Gareth Beavis taking Apple’s latest product through it’s paces, we thought it would be a great opportunity to put it up against two dedicated running watches. The Garmin 735 XT and TomTom Spark 3.

47 thoughts on “Apple Watch Series 2 vs Garmin 735 XT vs TomTom Spark 3 – Battery & GPS test

  1. John Manley

    I have a question: were you carrying an iPhone in your backpack? Your GPS graphic seemed to indicate so. The reason I ask is that I just saw a different AW2 review where the reviewer said the AW2 would piggyback onto the iPhone GPS if it detected it to save battery life. I would hate to send you out on another long jog if that is the case. I couldn't run that long.

  2. Mofoe

    impressive….but i was really hoping for the performance review with the heart rate monitors on. im considering the tom tom spark 3 with music. this seems biased toward the apple watch.

  3. Darko F.I.T.

    if the watch is connected to the phone with bluetooth it will use gps on iphone during run to preserve the battery?

  4. SpiritedAway Eleven

    Just watched another review for the AW2 where they used the GPS and also played music and tracked their heart rate. Seems like the battery drained down a lot faster. In real world conditions, I would think a lot of people would be using the music and HR function. Really am wondering if the AW2 can last a full day if we go for a jog that day while using music and HR function.

  5. Vitto Giochi

    Can we make repeats with speed or hr range like with Garmin with apple watch? and does it have the lap pace info (Not the actual or average)?

  6. Viral Oza

    Thats pretty insane, running that much for a review! Well done..
    Just a quick question: Can you connect a Garmin HRM Chest Strap or any other chest strap to the Apple Watch S2?

  7. jahmurai

    Hey, great review and test. Do you know if you can use the Nike+ app on the regular apple watch series 2, or you need that special model with the nike wristband? Also how bad is the native running app that comes with the watch and are there any better paid alternatives? Thanks

  8. BKlass

    Awesome review! Thanks for the fantastic effort! Two questions: how quickly does it acquire satellites? Also, any word on if the watch will get altitude tracking via GPS in future software updates? Would be helpful for runs with elevation gains and/or hiking! Thanks!

  9. Matt Reine

    Hi you said you turned off the heart rate monitor yet at 2:34 you can clearly see the bottom leds flashing. Doesnt seem like a fair comparison does it?

  10. Matt Marino

    Good to hear that the distance stats are right in line with the other watches. How do the measurements compare to the first edition AW that relies on the iPhone for GPS? I have a first edition AW that I'm likely going to sell so I can upgrade to Series 2 with the GPS.


    great video but I don't think those watches should be compared. because I doubt that the other two is running the same software and processor as the iwatch. so I'd expect a more significant battery drop for the iwatch over the others just because of the fact it does more. it's like comparing an iPhone to a gshock Uk. but awesome video and glad it did indeed exceed expectations. hope to pick mine up Friday .

  12. Alirio Ferreira

    Suggested test: Apple Watch on GPS run while listening to music on Apple Watch via Bluetooth headphones. Not connected to iPhone.

  13. acecrd3

    Great review Gareth. Waited and planning to buy AW2 because 1st version not compelling enough. Sorry for the basic/elementary question. Plan to buy this primarily for running connected to wireless Jaybird Freedom bluetooth headset, while using Nike+ app. Can I run with AW2, connected to wireless bluetooth headset, listen to music, use Nike+, AND LEAVE iPHONE AT HOME? First Apple Watch, I believe you need to bring the phone with you when running, which is one reason I didn't buy watch.

  14. James Xin

    Wonderful video. Expected GPS+Heart Rate turn on testing! I think this scenario is most popular for these kind of watch.
    Thanks in advance!

  15. Show985

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great video, I'm on the market for a running watch and was considering the Apple Watch but I was a bit worried about battery life for my long runs.

  16. David Roth

    Great review! A few days ago I asked many of the major app makers if they tested their watch os3 apps on a marathon. None said "Yes!"

  17. Sandro Franco

    I thought I knew English…. but i was wrong!!! lolo Having a very, VERY hard time to understand what you say…..lolololol… a good English speaking class for me! 😉 thanks for sharing, this is AWESOME info! Cheers!

  18. Classic G

    Hi Gareth, from one G to another…. I am looking to either buy the apple watch 2 , garmin fenix hr or the Garmin 235. in your opinion as i am a casual runner (that does like a bit a gadgetry!!) which would be the best for me. I run the odd long distance but most of it is tracking shorter 5-10mile runs.

    thanks in advance !


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