Are Titleist Drivers any good?

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– Titleist drivers seem to have a bad reputation in the golf industry recently for being inferior to other manufacturer offerings in areas like ball speed, forgiveness, etc. We do some real world testing in this video to see if there’s any truth to that idea.

21 thoughts on “Are Titleist Drivers any good?

  1. Keep It In The Fairway

    I always like a sound of Titliest. But back then 915d3 was more 100usd expensive than Vapor Pro and couldnt outperform it. So I went to the cheaper one. (still got my 909d3 in my garage and give it a whack sometime)

  2. Keep It In The Fairway

    Any chance to do a review of Autopower shaft from South Korea? Seems it kinda popular among Korean LPGA tour players.

  3. Mango Man

    Hey TXG, looking for an honest opinion. I use a Titleist 910D2. How noticeably has tech improved since then? Would I see any more forgiveness or distance from a newer driver?

  4. Miguel Garza

    Well said. I had Epic of last year, M1 2016, Ping, I have had them all. The 917 D3 stays in my bag. It replaced my 913 D3. Had to get the correct shaft for me (Rip phenom S and Speeder II 757 s, and just hits the fairway. Great look and second to NONE customer service. Just look at their packaging. The tool comes in a nice carry pouch where all others come in bubble wrap at best. Eye opening guys. Get fit and try the #1 brand in golf

  5. Martyn Farrar

    I have been fit three times but have never had a fitting as in depth as you would provide but being in the UK it's a long way to come for a fiiting. Do you have any recomendations for a fitting centre in the uk that would provide a similar sort of service?

  6. cwugrad396

    I have a 917 D2 and love it. I tested other drivers and some went further but were not as accurate and consistent – who cares about 3-5 more yards when it’s not finding fairways at least half the time

  7. Vito Rizzo

    This video was made for me you guys must have a crystal ball back there. How do I book a fitting with you Ian the website doesn't specify fitters. Do you think Titleist will release their new drive earlier than schedule because Taylormade and Callaway have their new clubs out so earlier, could  Titleist  be panicking a bit not to loose the market share? Since they have dropped prices on the 917 months earlier than normal, yours thoughts?

  8. WhiskerRub

    Always interesting. I find it interesting that Callaway Rogue irons come in W basically I assume this is just a light head version within the Rogue Line, with a what suits the eye an important aspect to fitting do you feel more manufacturers should look at doing this.

  9. John Yu

    Hello Ian and Cam, thank you for great video. Personally, I think if you can install the same shaft for both of drivers with same loft angle, it would show better comparison data for us. Weather is getting better in Toronto, so I can't wait to play outside!!

  10. Tom Smith

    I have a Titleist 915 D3 driver with a Diamana 50 plus shaftft and it works OK but not really the bigger difference I was looking for. I'm still working with it so we'll see. I hit my Exotic 3 metal just as far as the Titleist and it feels better when I nail one.

  11. oaklandpaving

    Fantastic fitting studio, very tidy.
    I had rbz tour driver for 4 years and thought I would never change it, however, now have 915 d3 set at at 10.5. Degree with fujikura motor speeder tour flex shaft (low spin set up all round) and I have shortened shaft by 1 inch, it sends it out there and honestly more fairways found. It's like comparing a rolls Royce with a Ford.

  12. Rhys Owen

    I used to game a 917 D3 w/ Diamana White 80g stiff shaft and was never comfortable with it. The feel and sound was nice, but my misses were both left and right and my distance was shorter than I knew it could be. I got fitted and ended up with a Ping G400 LST with Kuro Kage x-flex and have gained 15+ yards as well as hitting 3x as many fairways. I love Titleist as a brand and most of my kit is from them but their drivers just aren't for me.

  13. Pat

    Titleist drivers feel and perform great. I was attached to my 910d2 and held on until I got my 915d3 which I will hold onto for a while (not into the weights in the 917). The active recoil channel is a game changer especially in the d3 heads.

  14. Saint Kimbo

    I'm a little sceptical of these constant reminders to get 'properly' fitted when buying golf clubs, because, unless you're off scratch or a tour Player, the golf swing of the majority of Golfers is usually in a state of constant change, due to search of improvement.

    For example, you have problems with slicing and your friendly golf club salesman fits you up with a club/shaft combo that minimises that tendency, then you work out the problem or find a good coach that identifies the cause of that slice and you are able to eliminate the issue of slicing, you now have golf clubs that you have to manipulate to hit the ball satisfactorily.

    So, isn't there a good case to be made to advise Golfers who are on the road to improvement, which is most, to stick with a very neutral set of clubs that will last in the long term as the Golfers ability evolves?

  15. jackson pamperin

    For high spin players titleist isn’t the best fit because they are spinny even the d3 I switched out of my 915 d4 as well as my 917 d3 both were speced exactly for me but spun too much no matter what always around 4500 on a draw with a 122 club head went to the new m3 and it was night and day


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