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Whether you just purchased your putter or are having it customized or restored, you should take this opportunity to have it authenticated. If you ever want to insure, donate, sell or pass down your putter, our Authentication service removes all doubt of its authenticity – – preserving your investment and maintaining the integrity of the Scotty Cameron brand.

When the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop authenticates your putter, we examine it to determine its authenticity to ensure that it is truly a Scotty Cameron putter and that any changes made to it were performed by the experts in the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop. We examine all of the following aspects of your putter: Shape, Finish, Shaft, Grip, Stamping, Paintfill, and Weight to establish the level of authenticity of your putter. We will also describe and record any aftermarket changes that have been made to your putter. We do not make “grade” distinctions; our process is unbiased and based completely on the facts of the putter or merchandise received.

When the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop verifies your putter, you will receive a printed Certificate of Authenticity (COA). We will also establish a permanent record of your putter (including images) in our Authentication Registry.

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