Author and Sea Captain Linda Greenlaw Shares What Books Top Her Reading List

Linda Greenlaw first came on our radar as a swordfishing boat captain made famous by Sebastian Junger’s book and movie, The Perfect Storm, (Greenlaw was portrayed on film by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), which told the true story of the Andrea Gail and its crew, lost in a ferocious storm in the North Atlantic in 1991.

These days, Greenlaw is just as well known for writing books as she is for blazing a nautical trail for women sea captains. Her latest novel, Bimini Twistfollows tough, independent-minded deputy sheriff Jane Bunker as she dives into a missing person case.

Click here for a taste of this cozy Maine-based mystery, where Bunker heads to a swanky hotel to start her search.

What books will you find on Greenlaw’s captain’s table? On top is Chapman Piloting & Seamanship  (Hearst), $60, which she calls a “must have book for anyone who works or plays on the water and the best reference book ever written.”

On deck, two thrillers that just happen to factor in a fisherman.

Crosshairs (Green Place Books, available, Aug. 31) $25by Matthew Fitzpatrick

Follow the adventures of an assassin, aging mobster and a Gloucester angler in this Boston underworld thriller.

The Cuban Affair (Simon and Schuster) $17by Nelson DeMille

Things turn dicey when U.S. Army combat vet turned charter boat captain Mac MacCormick sets sail for a fishing tournament in Cuba.

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