Bixby's long-standing golf course closes; Neighbors worry about the area (KTUL)

BIXBY, Oklahoma (KTUL) – There are many new questions about what will be built on prime land in Bixby.

The White Hawk Golf Course is permanently closed.

Bixby has this small town atmosphere, with the growth of big cities.

It seems that every street corner has a sign announcing a new addition to the dwelling.

White Hawk Golf Course could be next on the advertising list.

"We need recreation spaces and green spaces," said neighbor Clay Butler.

The owner of the 21-year-old golf course announced on social media that he would close the course due to a long-term decline in his golf business.

"It's kind of a tough pill to swallow at best," Butler said. "I'm sad to see him go."

Butler lived in front of the course for nearly a decade.

His garden is green himself.

"The main reason I bought this house is because of the view of the golf course," Butler said.

Now that he's closed, Butler says he's going away.

"We put our house on the market to sell it," he said.

People who did not want to go to the camera are worried about the consequences of closing the course on the area.

Butler says that up to now, the value of his property was increasing by about 2.5% per annum

"I already took money on what I was going to list," Butler said.

We still do not know what will happen to the earth.

The golf course is located in a prime location that could attract families looking for an easy means of transportation to get to Tulsa.

But this will only happen if a developer can have the zoning changed.

Under current zoning, nothing else can be built on the ground.

A relief for some, but a potential game changer for those who came here for calm and for the course itself.

"It could make the difference for someone who is able to sell and who has to stay here because he can not get enough on his property," Butler said.

At the moment, the doors of the course are locked, but there is no sale for sale at the front.

We reached the course but we did not hear a return.

The city says that the owner of the land is responsible for its maintenance.