Brady OK as outsider: Everyone thinks that we fear


FOXBOROUGH, Massive – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady plays outsider in Sunday's AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs, telling CBS that "all world thinks we are dead and we can not win any games. "

It was a theme that resonated in the locker room after the Patriots' 41-28 win over the Los Angeles Chargers.

"Tom said, so I can comment, yes, everyone thinks we're dead, everyone thinks we do not have enough," said wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. "But the only thing that matters is what we think in this room and what we believe in. When a whole group of guys thinks it can be special, so we have to keep playing, keep going."

His teammate Julian Edelman added, "We are the underdogs this week, I'm going to jump on that train and ride with … it's my life."

"Everyone thinks we're dead and we can not win any games," said Tom Brady after leading the Pats in the 13th quarterback appearance in the AFC title match. Greg M. Cooper / USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots visit the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday (6:40 pm ET). This will be Brady's 13th participation in the conference championship game.

When asked if he was nicer to prove that he was wrong, Brady replied, "I just love to win."

The teammates took Brady's example after the victory.

"We know we have a lot of skeptics, a lot of people say this and that, we count and so on," said fourth-year defender Trey Flowers. "It's football, if things went, there would be no reason to play the game." Let the tablets speak, let the pictures speak.

"Many guys understand that we are doubted and counted, and you certainly get some motivation to prove that people are wrong, we understand what we have to do, we understand what we got. what it is … I have some bursts of laughter. "