*BRAND NEW* Callaway Fusion vs Big Bertha Alpha – Golf Reviews

►Andy tests out the brand new Callaway Fusion 2016 vs the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 driver. Both clubs personally custom fit to him for the best possible results. Go Try them for yourself too!
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20 thoughts on “*BRAND NEW* Callaway Fusion vs Big Bertha Alpha – Golf Reviews

  1. Peter Morrison

    Hi Andy, thanks for the great review. Did both drivers you tested have the same shaft length? For an average golfer hitting 210-220 carry, how much difference in carry would you expect to see between the 44.5 and 45.5 lengths, assuming both were hit out of the middle?

  2. Da Heat

    Andy, are you going to game this one? It would be so funny for you to play Shiels and kick his ass with it. Rick thinks he is too good for the Fusion while firing 12 over par rounds. LOL

  3. David t

    Excellent video. Was looking for mor eforgiveness in my game. Tried the fusion and the cobra fly z. Got more distance from the fly z. It's now in the bag haha.

  4. Ken Attaway

    Thanks, Andy…good review…every club-maker tries to get a bit of an edge…especially with weight distribution and MOI. I was surprised at the distance of the Fusion because the spin rate was so high…

  5. Mark Blankenship

    I just can't wrap my head around that driver. The spin and lack of rollout compared to the BBA worries me. The BBA made up its carry deficit in total distance, and its spin seems more manageable. I have a Great Big Bertha, and the original XR before that. Can't see myself switching to that.

  6. JimRumps

    Which shaft length did you use for this review – the 44.5" or 45.5"? I'm using a Callaway X2 Hot driver right now, which I love…but I assume that the Bertha Fusion would dominate the X2, right?

  7. John A Corr

    Andy, I'm a bit like Fletch with regards to new golf equipment, mainly because when I play with my pro and he uses my clubs and hits them distances and with accuracy I could only imagine, I realize it has more to do with his ability; similarly he achieves the same results with really expensive clubs as well. I feel it is a better investment to put my money into lessons so that I can hit the ball half as good as he does rather than spending thousands on equipment that has a negligible impact. Maybe when I can hit crappy clubs well then it is time to buy new. Thoughts?

  8. Annie Lenz

    let me be the first to say this driver is very forgiving. Yes there is a slight miss low on the club every once in a while, but I did not see any loss to the length of my drives. I swing around125 MPH swing speed and I think the recoil shaft was a little whippy for my liking. Yes the launch was a little bit higher so I went with analdila rogue I/O stiff shaft and couldn't be any happier. the shaft took the extreme whip and high ball flight out of my drives, and I havnt lost any forgiveness or distance

  9. Sandy Tim

    Tried it with trackman and loved it. So confidence inspiring down by the ball. Off centre strikes just flew ! I gained 15yrds average. The shorter shaft only lost me 5yards but the dispersion with the full length was fine so…..its just a matter of waiting for it to arrive

  10. Johnathan Gaynor

    Demo'd this driver today with the 45.5 and 44.5 shaft. It is absolutely the most forgiving and longest driver I have ever hit. Currently I own the Callaway X-Hot, Big Bertha, and XR. This is a must try driver.

  11. ibass2

    Great review Andy, and I'm really enjoying your channel……..love your swing-effortless. Curios what your thoughts are on the XR16pro, or Subzero? I tried the BBA, but my dispersion was all over the map. I'm enjoying my new Fusion, Straight and workable when you want.

  12. Denny Law

    I'm not impressed really because of this…..you have a wonderfully technical correct swing, with speeds that hardly any of us reach, so any club will get this distance really when you can get that club going 114 MPH!
    I was thinking these new clubs can give an extra 20 or so in longer hits but it seems this isn't true and all of the clubs today are forgiving on mis-hits, so my inclination is to buy what looks good and is on sale and you'll be just fine.
    Nice to see the two club comparison too, and you did a really nice job with this video with no trash music blaring or rambling on and off point for ever. Nice work.


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