REPORT - This Friday, September 28, 2018, a man tends to look after an unidentified woman after being hit by the ball of the US Brooks Koepka at the 6th hole during a four-ball match on the first day from the 42nd Ryder Cup at the Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, outside Paris, France. The organizers of the Ryder Cup are alarmed by the announcement that a spectator hit by a tee shot by Brooks Koepka during the Ryder Cup claims to have lost sight of his right eye. (Swing Update Photo / François Mori, File)

François Mori / Associated Press

Brooks Koepka apologized after a tee shot that he hit when the Ryder Cup hit a fan in the eye.

In the apology note on Instagram, Koepka said the fan, identified as Ms. Remande, had seen her condition worsen since the incident occurred on Friday:

"I was deeply hurt and saddened by the tragic accident when a bullet from the sixth tee hit Mrs. Remande and I spoke to her at that time on the golf course and, after learning that her condition was worse than expected, I made contact with her / his family to express my sincere and sincere sympathy.I am sorry for the incident.My thoughts remain with Mrs. Remande and her family and I have asked to be kept informed of his condition. "

After the incident, Remande told Agence France-Presse that she had lost sight of her right eye and was considering a lawsuit.

"Obviously, there is a responsibility on the part of the organizers," Remande said. "Officials have not shouted warning when the player 's ball came into the crowd.More than anything, I want them to take charge of all the medical bills in order to get in." ensure that there is no risk of infection. "

A spokesman for the Ryder Cup issued a statement about the incident, via CBS News:

"The spectator hit by a ball on the sixth hole of Friday's game was immediately treated by the first responders and taken to the hospital and we were in touch with the family, starting with the immediate treatment on the course. and then providing support, assisting with repatriation logistics, including providing a transfer for the family from Paris to Lyon.

"We will continue to offer our support as long as necessary, we are extremely friendly and will do everything in our power to support the spectator, as far as possible in very difficult circumstances."

Koepka was playing for the United States team at the Ryder Cup on the Albatross National Golf Course in Paris.