Bushnell Night Watch (2×24) Night Vision

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Checking out this Bushnell “Night Watch” Night Vision Monocular

Drove out to a dark spot on a cloudy night (with a full moon) to open the box and check out the NV

Bushnell Night Watch Night Vision Monocular:

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13 thoughts on “Bushnell Night Watch (2×24) Night Vision

  1. Imur Huckleberry

    Yeah I think I saw a YM scurrying around under the bushes over there… if you can spot one of those I'd say it works pretty well..

  2. robert20351

    You should try the Xenonics Super vision NVG. PRETTY good compared to the PVS 14 and such. When I was in Iraq, I preferred the Supervision over the PVS 14 . I even Jerry rigged a mount for it on my M249

  3. John Smith

    There was a guy at work, that had an early night vision viewer years ago. His family bought it, for him. He would take it camping, and watch the wildlife prowl around at night.
    Plus, he said, `At campsites, some people will sneak around at night and steal things.` If he heard a noise, he would look first, through his night viewer, before turning on a flashlight.

    This old hippy gal, overheard the man just talking about watching the big public camping sites at night. The old hippy gal wondered why someone would need night vision. I responded, `the guy watches for thieves prowling around stealing things. = The two legged varmints.'

    The old hippy gal said, `Oh Yeah! When (she) was young, (she and her friends) would sneak around and steal things, during the night at camping sites. = Especially food, liquor and beer out of the ice-chests.` (Usually, she said, they would haul away, ice-chest and food boxes.)
    She relayed that information without much remorse in her heart.

    I must have had the `MilSpecMonkey` look on my face (as she had no remorse). … The old hippy gal, gave me a dirty look, and went and spoke to her gal friends.

    I relayed all of this to HoneyBunch, when I got home. She said we need a night vision optic, so she could watch the neighborhood at night.
    I told her, we couldn't afford one now. = She as a woman, gave me the MilSpecMonkey look. As a woman, she told me, “You need to get a second job. It would allow us to have enough money to buy surveillance equipment.“

    Quality has increased and prices have gone down. GWebs has ~wisely bought a night vision optic. It will be very useful on the road-trips. GWebs has a big Doberman, but he doesn't want to release his big Doberman, before he checks out the night. The villains and thieves are skulking around with their pitbulls & guns.

    A wise person (like GWebs) looks around at night for the villains, before responding to an usual noise or activity. GunWebsites has good honest reviews on this site, and his affiliated sites too.

  4. SnakePliscan2

    I have one of these and it looks like the inside of the lens could have been cleaned better when the unit was build in the factory. the unit works but could have a clearer view.


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