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Mark Crossfield PGA professional hits the new Callaway X Forged 18 irons from Callaway golf and talks about what they could do for your golf game and how they could help you improve your ball striking. See what this forged offering from Callaway golf could do over the Apex MB or Apex pro irons. With real on course testing and dry ball data mark gives these Callaway irons the full test.

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46 thoughts on “CALLAWAY X FORGED 18 IRONS

  1. Donny Wilcox

    thinking about buying 7 – wedge in these …I currently own the cf16s (3-pw) and like them alot but didnt like apex pro 16 so I didnt go combo in that range …do you have and concerns in mixing these with the cf16s ? ….all satin finish throughout would be a good look but I am concerned about the gap issue between cf16 6 iron and this set loft in 7 iron ….please any thoughts would be appreciated

  2. e james

    ok….I've just been out for a few practice swings and I believe I've latched on to something here. First, just forget about your upper body. The engine of the golf swing is the adductor muscle in the right thigh/pelvis. Take the club back square with just the shoulders until parallel with the ground. The feeling should be the club behind your right knee and now you're gonna feel that adductor muscle. Now the adductor is controlling your backswing and the upper body reacts almost automatically.

  3. Justin Stephenson

    Having seen them in the flesh if I was good enough to play a near blade I think I would go for the AP2 which are just beautiful. The fact you can also combo with the AP3 (also beautiful and what I would try if I needed a new set) to get more forgiveness with the longer irons is a real plus

  4. Matt Duider

    Like the review. I went Titleist ap2. Fell in love with looks and feel immediately. I almost got the 716 but didn’t like the look as much, and didn’t care a whole lot on the price difference I like to like what I looks at down by the ball and in bag it gives confidence. The callaway felt as good but a little skeptical on looks, and like what you said branding, I feel callaway is distance I’ve only played a few years and have never seen a players club made by them. Where as Titleist is precision and that’s what I look for in my irons. That way if shot misses i can only blame myself not club. By the way have a great family weekend brah.

  5. Fupa City

    just to throw it out there, and I'm sure it's already been mentioned,.. I trust Mizuno when it comes to the slight-cavity forged iron. Mizuno also has that "Big Boy" effect around the clubhouse, like, "ooohh, he's not messing around" kind of reputation. Those MP irons say a lot in your bag (even if you're trash with them). For those reasons, I'll stick Mizuno, but this X set look beautiful. Keep it up, braaaaaaaaaaaah

  6. ahoyahoy booth

    it wasnt that long ago a set used to be 3-sw as standard. Now a set costs nearly a grand and comes 5-pw. We have lost 2 clubs a set along the way somehow. I suppose while the us the consumer keep on paying theese silly prices the manufacturers will keep taking us for idiots.

  7. Joseph Greenberg

    Terrific review. 3 questions: would you override your aversion to offset if you get flagging the X forged? Are you doing something different to get in shape (might be a good vlog)? Off subject: Different finish (holding off release) to your putting stroke?

  8. Sean Glackin

    Mark great video as always your reviews are better than anybody's due to the truthful comments and not buying into the manufacturers propeganda. I really like the look of these X forged Def gonna try them out. I would love you to do another video on wedge distance control I watched the last series with coach but I have round the same swing speed as you and I'm only getting my 56 about 80yards and I know it's completely down to technique.

  9. Richard Kuipers

    Hmm like them allot but after you showed the AP2's..I like them better… the neck goes more fluently over in the sole

  10. Trevor Carlson

    Love to see these type of clubs making a comeback. Players cavities and muscle backs. I personally have my eye set on the fg 100 tour clubs. Muscle backs but a little cheaper and not a single bad review online.

  11. Peter Choma

    Tough choices I demo x forged recently, mb, ap2, p790, but was between the srixon 965/765 combo and the pxg 0311t with 0311x 4iron.

  12. Steven Rawlings

    A reworked Razr X Forged by the looks and feel! Lovely but no different after hitting both! Just shows the importance of getting fitted for the right shaft first and then the aesthetics!

  13. Scandic athlete

    the perfect iron? excellent spin numbers, decent lofts, a bit of help an stellar looks! what more do you want really? will you game these, mark?

  14. Stephen DiBari

    Nice review Mark, check the spelling on “Forged” on your intro

    Would definitely be a club I would game, great combo of Forged and forgiveness, kinda like my Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons.

  15. Marek Zvoncek

    I prefer the Callaway X forged, however I like Mizuno a lot, but X forged are much better looking then MP 18s and AP2s. I'm currently using Callaway Legacy black irons (Henrik Stenson is playing), these new X forged irons could be adequate replacement..:-)

  16. smitty78787878

    I still have the '07 X Forged in my bag. My favorites irons of all time. Did you ever test or game those mark?


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