Callaway XR Steelhead Big Bertha Irons

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Callaway XR Steelhead Big Bertha Irons. Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru hits two very popular irons from Callaway Golf to see what each club brings to the table. With real ball data on how they both perform. While at the same time Mark talks looks feel and sound. Play your best golf with some of the best golf equipment you can get your hands on.

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14 thoughts on “Callaway XR Steelhead Big Bertha Irons

  1. James Winspear

    Mark, I am a long time x14 pro series player. As the x14 pros are a "legend" of the iron world – it would be great to see how my retro classics stack up against the steelhead xr. Any chance of an old vs new vid please? James

  2. golfbuddy1969

    I've seen these irons in person just the other day…the XR is an okay looking iron, but that Big Bertha is UGLY.

  3. tjgoodman1

    I just don't get what range of players Callaway irons are for at the moment. Manufacturers like Ping and Titleist have got 4 irons going from game improvement to player's irons, but recently it seems like Callaway just bring out a heap of random super GI clubs and then the Apex range. Over the last 24 months they've had Big Bertha, XR, XR OS, Big Bertha OS, Steelhead and they all seem to be geared for the same person wanting the largest possible head, max distance, max forgiveness.

  4. steve cornibert

    Thanks, I have used the BB for a couple of years and was thinking of a new set but could not decided between the BB and the XR. Apparently there isn't much performance difference.

  5. Scott Mensi

    My problem w/ these types of irons is incorporating wedges. I have a couple sm5's (which I love) and the change in look from the PW to my more bladed vokey's doesn't look/feel right. Does that make sense? As a result I play a combo w/ Ap1 at the 5-6 and Ap2 7-pw.

  6. Jonathon Pasquill

    As you state in most of your videos the new irons don't perform much better than their predecessors, or equivalent competition. Is it possible to compare some 'top end' irons/drivers to cheaper, smaller brand irons/drivers? I finally took the time on a launch monitor, I didn't think there would be much difference with my Dunlop set and these 'top end' irons. I was completely wrong, my distances and control with the irons was hugely superior. The driver gained considerable distance also, though accuracy was way off, which I put down to a completely different feel club. If I had known the differences sooner I would have invested much sooner.

  7. Michael Pope

    One thing about the Steel head is the offset is less than the XRs. As your swing gets better, the stronger offset will cause your misses to the left or a hook.


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