Combine Golf and Poker for Twice as Much Fun

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Do you remember a time when golf used to be fun and not just work? Do you remember when you used to go out and play 18 and did more landscaping than playing golf? Well, if you do continue on reading. The game is called 3 Putt Poker and it is gaining popularity as the game of poker becomes more popular. Now, this game is probably not made for the golfer trying to make it to scratch golf. But if your looking to add a little fun to your round you will probably enjoy it. Try this great game with you buds the next time you hit the golf course.

3 Putt Poker

The rules of this poker / golf game are set up to improve your putting while still having a good time. When your round begins, the group of players must put in their ante. Once this is done and the pot is all square each player will receive one playing card that they will put in their pocket. When a player one putts a hole they will receive another playing card but if that player three putts a hole they must put additional money into the pot. The player that has the best hand at the end of nine holes will win the money in the pot. The whole process starts over again on the back nine holes with the players putting in their ante again.

3 Putt Example

Three players start the day by putting up an ante of $ 10 each which makes the pot $ 30 to start.

  • Player 1 – one putts twice; three putts twice = + $ 2 in the pot and 2 extra playing cards totaling 3 cards
  • Player 2 – one putts 3 times; three putts 4 times = + $ 4 in the pot and 3 extra playing cards totaling 4 cards
  • Player 3 – one putts 0 times; three putts 7 times = + $ 7 in the pot and 0 extra playing cards totaling 1 card
  • Player 3 – one putts 0 times; three putts 0 times = + $ 0 in the pot and 0 extra playing cards totaling 1 card

The cards are shown after the front nine, player 1 holds 8c-7s-9h, player 2 holds 10h-Kh-2h-3h, player 3 holds Ah and player 4 holds 2d. Player 3 wins the pot ($ 43) because they hold the best hand which is ace high. The great thing about the game is that even though you may be the worst putter in your group, you still have the opportunity to win the pot.

Again, this game might not be for the player that is trying to make the tour, but if you and your buddies are just trying to get out there and have a good time and playing for the fun of it, this is a great way to have fun and change things up a bit. Enjoy.

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