Community Cup Tournament – Santiburi Members and Friends

Here are a few updates on the 2018 Santiburi Members and Friends COMMUNITY CUP tournament, to be held at Santiburi Golf Club on Monday, March 26, 2018, starting at 8:32 AM.

Here is a link to the original announcement – please click here.

In the below update, I list our generous sponsors; I provide notice of some changes due to the number of sponsors and type of sponsorships; I list the various competitions and the prizes associated with each, and I provide a list of each registered competitor with their assigned group.  Please scroll down to the bottom to see the list of registered competitors.

If you do not see your name in the group listing below, and you want to play in the tournament, I DO NOT HAVE YOUR REGISTRATION, so please send me an e-mail (not a comment on the blog, a real e-mail from you to the following e-mail address) at with your name, handicap, source of your handicap (SMAF, Chiang Rai Golfers, USGA, etc.) and any preference of playing partners (if any).  We will do our best to accommodate your request — no guarantees – your understanding is deeply appreciated.  Please register ASAP!  We can accommodate you but I need to hear from you NOW.

If you DO see your name, but have some deep objection or question about your grouping or playing partners, please also send me an e-mail at  Please do not use the blog comments for this type of communication.  I would like to accommodate every request to the extent possible so we can have a fun golf tournament that everyone enjoys.  Again, no guarantees I can accommodate every request.  If we can keep this to a minimum it would be very helpful!


  • John “5Points” Cates         Signage/Trophies/Organization/Various prizes
  • Steve McGeown                 Glenmorangie / Gilbey’s / Wine (2) / Pinnacle 12-Pack
  • Leo Satanove                      B4,000 (Prize Entry Fees – please see below)
  • Andrew Berry                     1 Dozen Callaway Balls
  • Bruce Guthrie                     1 Case of Leo/ 1 Case of Singha
  • Chiang Rai Golfers             Various Raffle Prizes / Measuring Devices


  1. We are waiving the tournament entry fee, due to a generous donation from Leo Satanove.  This will reduce the cost for each participant by 200 baht.  Here is the new cost structure:
    • Non-Member Green Fees B1,000 (payable to the pro-shop on the day of the tournament)
    • Caddy Fee B300 (payable to the pro-shop on the day of the tournament)
    • Cart Fee (Optional) B600 (payable to the pro-shop on the day of the tournament)
    • Competition Entry Fee B200 (contribution for tournament expenses/prizes – Please Pay John “5Points” Cates on the day of the tournament)
    • Total (non-member) cost: B1,500 1,300 – B2,100 1,900
  2. The members of Chiang Rai Golfers have prepared a group of raffle prizes, and will conduct a raffle similar to the raffles they conduct at their own tournaments.  They will be donating the prizes and raffle proceeds to support the cost of the tournament.  Thank you Chiang Rai Golfers!  We will still have a random card draw for those who haven’t yet won a scoring or hole prize, and all remaining prizes will go into the raffle.


Feat                                                                                       Prize

1st place Stableford                                                    1st Place Trophy/ Glenmorangie Scotch

2nd place Stableford                                                   2nd Place Trophy/ Gordons Gin

3rd place Stableford                                                   3rd Place Trophy/ Gilbey’s Gin

4th Place Stableford                                                    4th Place Trophy/ Scarlett Wine

Hole #3 – Closest to Pin – White Tee                        ANCC Hat and Ball Marker / Singha

Hole #3 – Closest to Pin – Blue Tee                           ANCC Hat and Ball Marker / Leo

Hole #4 – Closest Approach – White Tee                Performance Gear String Bag / Singha

Hole #7 – Closest to Pin – White Tee                        ANCC Hat and Ball Marker / Singha

Hole #7 – Closest to Pin – Blue Tee                           ANCC Hat and Ball Marker /Leo

Hole #8 – Closest Approach – Blue Tee                   Performance Gear String Bag / Leo

Hole #12 – Closest to Pin #1                                         Titleist 6-pack / Leo

Hole #12 – Closest to Pin #2                                         Callaway 6-Pack / Singha

Hole #13 – Longest Drive – White Tee                     Taylor Made 6-Pack / Singha

Hole #16 – Longest Drive – Blue Tee                        Taylor Made 6-Pack / Leo

Hole #17 – Closest to Pin #1                                         Titleist 6-pack / Leo

Hole #17 – Closest to Pin #2                                         Callaway 6-Pack / Singha

Raffle #1                                                                       Taylor Made Shoe Bag / Singha / Leo

Raffle #2                                                                        ANCC Hat and Ball Marker / Singha / Leo

Raffle #3                                                                       Fat Line Alignment Tool / Singha / Leo

Raffle #4                                                                       Myball Ball Marking Tool / Singha / Leo

Raffle #5                                                                        Action Tees / Srixon 3-pack / Leo

Raffle #6                                                                        Singha / Leo / Pinnacle 3-Pack

Raffle #7                                                                        Singha / Pinnacle 3-pack

Raffle #8                                                                        Scarlett Wine / Pinnacle 3-pack

Raffle #9                                                                         40+ / Pinnacle 3-pack

Other Raffle Prizes                                                      Donated by Chiang Rai Golfers


GROUPINGS (Name / Handicap / Tee “W” if White Tee, else Blue Tee)

Group 1                                                                                Group 6

  1. John “5Points” Cates 26                                           1.  Steve McGeown  31 W
  2. Bruce Guthrie 6                                                         2.  Aer McGeown  14
  3. Neil Horton 18 W                                                      3.  Will Farris  13
  4. Warren “Woody” Wood 4                                        4.  Marc Mojon  23

Group 2

  1. Clay Sawin 18 W
  2. Ross Farquhar 15 W
  3. Philippe Dury 28

Group 3

  1. John Park 13
  2. Brian Jupp 24
  3. Charchy Sacma 12

Group 4

  1. Keith Holt 32 W
  2. Mike Devine 20
  3. Graham Tolley 20

Group 5

  1. Mark Woods 20
  2. Scott Bieber 21
  3. Rob Meen 18 W
  4. Darryl Johnston 13 W



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