Dak Prescott deserves more from his Cowboys teammates | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock discuss whether or not Dak Prescott deserves some blame for the Cowboys’ Week 1 loss to the New York Giants.

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13 thoughts on “Dak Prescott deserves more from his Cowboys teammates | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Jose Ledezma

    Dak could of thrown 2 TD passes. Dez dropped one at endzone and Cole Beasly dropped another like 5 yards away endzone.

  2. jazon345

    Dak had 2 TDs dropped. The one by Beasley in particular came during the first possession of a game in which Dak had yet to throw a SINGLE incompletion. If Beasley would have been a veteran WR and caught the ball and ran 3 yards into the end-zone, the game would have been different.

  3. pd9971

    Whitlock is spot on here with his comments, thank god there is actually someone else out there that's not all wrapped up in all this fantasy football bullshit!! Finally a talk show host that I knows the game unlike Coward and douche bag Steven Ass Smith!


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