Does the NFL have reason to fear the NBA’s popularity? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock talk about the synergy between the NBA and NFL.
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8 thoughts on “Does the NFL have reason to fear the NBA’s popularity? | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  1. Just Wondering

    Head injuries will destroy football the same way it did boxing. Not overnight but it'll slowly erode the kids playing and the NFL will change the game to be softer.
    Fantasy football increases NFL ratings a bunch and it won't last forever, just like fantasy baseball.
    Basketball is great for highlights (dunks, blocks).
    When I become a parent, there's no way I'm letting my kid play sports with brain injuries (football, soccer with heading). Basketball is way safer.
    Basketball is better for both men and WOMEN. Not many girls are dying to play football. This may not boost WNBA ratings a ton, but it means way more girls who've played basketball can be interested in watching.

  2. AzraeL Lazarus Franco

    NFL is limited to school shooting and alien running for president country. In Europe, Africa and Asia… NFL ain't well known. And there is Rugby and dozens of Football revision sports all over the world.

    Vividly NBA is more popular.

  3. Eita Masaki

    CTE, celebration and cleat fines, neglicence of wife beaters like Josh Brown, dumb kickers missing Fgs left and rigbt….NFL on the downfall

  4. Andro Libre

    The NFL hit a cliff because it could only be SO popular. Its over exposed. COmbine, and and the draft and mini camp and rookie mini camp and Camp and preseason. I mean for a sport that is only played from September to January. It sure is in the news all the time.

  5. Christian 0000

    NBA is increasing in growth whilst NFL is declining, Superbowl is still no1 in america. in 20 years time. soccer and the NBA will at least be equal to the NFL. As soccer is the fastest growing sport in America.


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