Donald Trump builds a wall after his golf club in Florida • Swing Update


Donald Trump builds a taxpayer-funded barrier without having to declare a national emergency.

His plan to take billions of dollars out of the military and federal drug budgets for the construction of a wall on the southern border of the United States may be stuck in the courts for a while. But a new barrier in West Palm Beach, Florida – supposed to be used by its private Trump International Golf Club – is unfolding without delay.

According to government spending data, secret services have allocated $ 12,000 for the rental of "privacy fences and barricades required for visits to West Palm Beach." The company providing the fences and barricades, National Construction Rentals, has a construction site about 15 minutes from Trump International.

When asked about the contract, the secret service told Quartz that he could not discuss the methods used to "assume his protection responsibilities". National Construction Rentals has not responded to a request for comment.

Trump spent three days on the presidential weekend on his golf course and part of the 159 days spent at golf clubs since its inauguration in 2017.

In the past, Trump clubs have prevented the press group from seeing the president playing golf by placing them in basements and covering their black plastic windows.

In 2017, a white box truck prevented CNN's cameras from filming Trump while he was playing golf at Trump International. (The secret services said they were not responsible.)

Taxpayers took charge of the secret service to rent golf carts to protect Trump, including more than $ 90,000 this winter in Florida, bringing golf cart rental fees to about $ 400,000 since taking office of Trump. The fact that Mr. Trump plays golf while being president has so far cost taxpayers about $ 88 million, including security and Air Force One flights.

The company building the fence also rents toilets ("some of the newest and cleanest in the industry") and storage containers. The privacy fence fulfills many functions, he says, including reducing dirt and debris and "protecting against fence jumpers and potential thieves."

National Construction Rentals

Last year, the secret services entrusted the same company with the installation of "barricades and fences" in Palm Beach, where is the private complex of Trump, Mar-a-Lago. Taxpayers were billed for this too, up to $ 17,000.