Double Unboxing – Bushnell AR 1-4x and PA 2.5x ACSS

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Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24mm Riflescope:
Bushnell at OpticsPlanet:
Primary Arms Deluxe AR-15 Scope Mount:
Primary Arms 2.5x Compact Prism:

Use code “HJ86” for 5% off your entire order

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12 thoughts on “Double Unboxing – Bushnell AR 1-4x and PA 2.5x ACSS

  1. A8vscRrabbit

    i really like my bushy 1×4 ffp. it replaced my eotech 512.

    i had to return it cause the ocular seal was letting in dust. bushnell replaced it for free over a year later

  2. RK Harm24

    Lance, You have had the 3x PA for enough time, do you have a battery life estimate yet? Any idea on the 2.5x, battery life?

  3. Bryce with Defensive Resources

    I ended up selling my Bushnell 1-4x. My major issue with it was that it wasn't a true 1x. Other than that, I liked it. Loved that it was FFP.

  4. Daniel Litz

    wow this is weird seeing you just uploading this. 3 days ago i decided this is the optic im getting the PAC 2.t

  5. David J

    The 2.5x is smaller, but it is chunkier looking and less stream lined. It looks like they redid the body design on the 3x/5x but left the 2.5x the same.

    Tempted to trade up to the 3x just for aesthetics.

  6. sovaprepper

    I cant wait to see the 2.5x in action. I'm thinking of putting one on a 12'' 458 socom build to shoot subs in and have been figuring up how the bdc would line up. looks like if i zero at 50 on the center dot it would line up at 85, 105, 128 yards.

  7. Steve & Kathy Lane

    Excellent video! Please give me your opinion of of sighting differences between the Primary 2.5x and 3x scopes. Mainly want to shoot at 0 to 100 yards. Trying to decide which one to purchase.


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