Driver comparison: Titleist 917 v Titleist 915 – The Golf Shack Academy

We put the Titleist 917 and Titleist 915 head to head using our anonymous big hitting tester.

In the first of our in-depth product comparisons it’s Titleist 917 v Titleist 915 to see if the new driver has improved on what was a hugely successful product.

Now I’ve already tested and reviewed the Titleist 917 driver, but as a 17-handicapper I don’t find the middle of the clubface often enough for a comparison on Titleist 917 v Titleist 915.

Our resident pro James Whitaker is a very steady player, but by his own admission, he’s just a regular club pro and doesn’t play as much or as competitively as he used to.

So this was a job for our anonymous big-hitter, often found doing press-ups randomly in the top practice field at Moor Allerton.

He swings it up to 116mph, rarely misses the centre of the club face, dresses very strangely and his identity remains a mystery.

After a substantial warm-up involving some very unusual stretching, our anonymous big hitter hit five shots with the Titleist 915 D2 driver, then five with the Titleist 917 D2 driver, then another five with each club.

The loft was the same on each head and there was the same Diamana White 70 stiff shaft in each one.

We monitored the data using Trackman 4 and used premium range balls but in an optimised setting so the data we captured would be the same as if we were using a Titleist ProV1.

Both drivers were set to A1 in the SureFit Hosel and in the 917 driver we had the SureFit CG weight in the neutral position.

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3 thoughts on “Driver comparison: Titleist 917 v Titleist 915 – The Golf Shack Academy

  1. TheDanbarian

    Lads I like a lot of stuff you do but some of your equipment testing is absolute nonsense, you want someone to hit all over the face to test ball speeds across the face as we all know out the middle they all pretty much perform the same. Stuff like this is so forced and biased it's like watching qvc.

  2. TheDanbarian

    This channel could be so much better, the niggle was brilliant stuff and so is best and worst, going Titleist was insightful and those vids explaining certain bad shots were ok but your club reviews are horrible also you seem to have so much resources at your disposal why don't you get a couple characters and do course vlogs of great/unknown beautiful courses, I'm sure they would fill up a few pages reviewing the course.

  3. Ian Shepherd

    dang the DanBarian is ripping this channel…i think they do a good professional job…if you want a funny review there are plenty of those out there (your kind of an AHole dude lol for real who says someone elses reviews are horrible?? i think you guys do a good job would love to see the info expanded a little bit but keep it up!


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