Drunken argument on Australian golf course leads to near-fatal stabbing incident

If you’ve ever had a tough day on the golf course, you can be thankful and glad that it’s probably never gotten this bad. A man named Matthew McKay stabbed his friend, Simon Mudd, during a drunken round of golf recently at Broadford Golf Course in Australia.

Here’s more from the Herald Sun.

The trio played a few holes but McKay appeared intoxicated and was damaging the greens, scratching one with a flag and stomping golf balls into another. His friends Simon Mudd and Shaun Peterson chastised him for his antics, telling him to stop. 

McKay stormed off to his car, returned with a fold-out Smith and Wesson knife and attacked his mates. He first swung the weapon at Mr. Peterson before he turned to Mr. Mudd and drove the blade into his left thigh, hitting a large artery and blood gushed from the deep wound.

Holy crap! McKay received nearly two years in jail for the incident and won’t be eligible for parole for 10 months. Mudd nearly died and had to be airlifted to a hospital. According to the article, he nearly passed away because of how much blood loss he experienced.

It kind of gives some new perspective to that triple bogey you raged about last weekend en route to shooting 91 at your local municipal course.

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