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Dustin Johnson and Strong Grips Golf Swing Weekly Fix with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. In this weeks show Mark talks about how one of the worlds best golfers produces a functional golf swing to match his golf grip. Enjoy this video from Mark Crossfield with tips and advice to help improve, learn and hit better golf shots.

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14 Replies to “Dustin Johnson and Strong Grips GSWF”

  1. That is the grip that I use. A really strong grip. Started using it right after I started playing. I have plenty of club head speed but my irons were very short. Back then it instantly gave me yardage on my irons and calmed down my slice when I first started play. Been wanting to weaken my grip some and work on my swing. Just don't have the time.

  2. so this leads to the next question which is  if our movement patterns determine our grip how can we know/work out which movement patterns are the most natural for us – especially as grip dictates movement? its an egg versus chicken face off!  really interesting as usual – good stuff!

  3. Are there any benefits of one over the other. Ie does the strong grip produce a slower rate of closure therefore make the swing more consistent. Or does the strong grip allow for players to rotate faster and create faster club head speeds etc

  4. Mark, I would find it really interesting if you analysed Ryan Moore's swing. It is one of the most unusual swings on tour. He has such a dramatically pronounced takeaway with his club head way outside his hands. I'd really like to hear your views.

  5. Mark I have to say that you have a very liberal mind to golf there are very respected teachers out there who have very defined ideas about what is correct. I love that you allow for individuality in swing methods. Something I've found out to my cost sticking to absolutes is dangerous.

  6. Hi mark I've got a strong grip too and every pro I've seen has tried to alter it I find it very alien when trying to neutralise my bad shot is a pull/hook

  7. great points but at what point as a coach do u say "lets change ur grip its wrong" as technically ur saying there is no wrong grip?
    I'm just reading about harry vardon and back then his grip was completely alien as the "baseball" style grip was the norm.

  8. Mark, I appreciate that I'm a guy who thrives on data and measurement but you're really pushing the boundaries of what you can learn from YouTube and I absolutely love it. So many coaches are still teaching a "one size fits all" approach from a book instead of from real life. I have so much admiration for what you are doing in the coaching side of things, taking risks, buying new kit, keeping things fresh. Brilliant, and much appreciated.

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