Fan Heckles Rory McIlroy, then makes putt for $100 Ryder Cup 2016

Either Justin Rose or Henrik Stenson — there’s some debate as to who actually was involved — took advantage of both and made a memorable moment on Thursday after overhearing a random American fan saying he could make a 12-foot putt that was just missed by Rory McIlroy.

The Europeans doubted it, so they put $100 right next to the ball and dared the spectator — David Johnson from North Dakota — to cash the check his mouth was writing.

Guess what? Johnson drained that sucker. And he threw some #TourSauce on it, too, with a Tiger Woods fist pump. Dude even got love from Rose’s caddie and the European golfers, including McIlroy.

8 thoughts on “Fan Heckles Rory McIlroy, then makes putt for $100 Ryder Cup 2016

  1. happyhornet1000

    Good to see a bit
    of positive banter from an American, not the nasty partisan rubbish they normally come out with. European crowds and their team win the fair way. Oh, sorry, we just win. Period, as the Americans like to say.


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