Fan Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods (Actual Footage) HD

ESPN Coverage full Video thanks to ESPN

48 thoughts on “Fan Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods (Actual Footage) HD

  1. Chris

    that is absolutely the whitest way anyone can pronounce "hot dog".. tiger is not black or asian at all. he's 100% white!

  2. 15 Decades

    The title of this video implies that we will see a person throwing a hot dog at Mr.Woods. This video does not contain that footage. So as people wait to see the event it is actually a waste of their time because this video does not contain the event of a man actually throwing a hot dog at Mr.Woods. Something that would be funny to actually see.

    The title of the vid should rather be:
    If you want to waste two minutes of your life, watch this.

  3. Chris

    are you fucking illiterate? yes, if you couldn't read, i said, and i quote, "he's 100% white!". however i was just making a joke. did you understand it? obviously not. but yes, it is an insult to white people since tiger is not white.

  4. Chris

    wow you really are illiterate.. i'd rather not waste time trying to explain since you'll never understand.. you're making yourself look bad right now

  5. Joseph Gadow

    Jus dont's be throwins a "Nanna" ups on da Green. Dat Ho-manizin Aperaper will be killin everbodies around for da chance ta have a Self-Employed, Fecies Cobered, Sex Toy.

  6. UN Owen

    Why the focus on Woods' day, he finished ten off the lead!  

    Fans later reported that after Woods saw the hot dog, he quickly checked his groin to see if his was gone.

  7. Tony Testa

    ACTUAL FOOTAGE! You are a loser Justin Ray, i fucking hate it when people put up bullshit titles to make us watch!


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