Fans React To Wawrinka Final Victory At US Open 2016

Fans at the US Open look back on Stan Wawrinka’s win over Novak Djokovic to claim his third Grand Slam title.

14 thoughts on “Fans React To Wawrinka Final Victory At US Open 2016

  1. CHEN Zhiyuan

    Stan is surely an inspiration in a lot of ways: his diligence, courage and tenacity brought him well deserved glory and his honest personality is just something precious. The MAN for sure:-)

  2. Vamsi Krishna

    i'm very happy because djokovic lost more so than the fact that wawrinka won…. Made my week. Thank you Wawrinka….

  3. David Tran

    Stan deserved it!! He was the better player tonight!! Too good for Novak!! The only player to beat Novak twice in recent years.


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