Federer v Nalbandian ● QF US Open 2005 Highlights

I thought this match deserved a longer and better quality upload than what was already posted.

Federer avenging his loss to Nalbandian from the US Open 2003 with a straight 3 set coaster, merely conceding 7 games to the Argenitinian. Simply put: prime Fed primarily going into primal Optimus Prime mode.


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10 Replies to “Federer v Nalbandian ● QF US Open 2005 Highlights”

  1. Wait, that was Nalby's first serve that was replayed, no? I dont see the problem? Unless it was his second which would just make no sense though?

  2. His forehand will always be the greatest shot in tennis history…but the speed, the absolutely incredible movement, always coming to the ball perfectly…simply astonishing

  3. How in The world nadal And safin did Beat Federer that year ??!! Its Mission impossible, its Not human how Federer moved And crushed The ball

  4. This Fed would rape the hell out of any Djokovic. His speed and movement is out of this world. His forehand is just ultra sick.

  5. So many gems in this one rather quick 3-set match….

    1:35 Nalby spin-o-rama
    2:21 Classic Fed bait-and-kill
    2:42 Very difficult inside-out forehand volley
    3:47 Great defense off a great return and then later an old-school slice knifing approach
    5:14 Vintage Fed forehand angle
    7:00 Stretch return and aggressive forehand pass
    7:21 Nuclear forehand!
    7:35 American Twist in New York
    7:53 Fed's take on a Sampras classic
    8:36 Perfect Nalby return
    9:23 Amazing point filled with depth and width
    10:06 Awesome point. Fed monster IO BH then tries to wrongfoot Nalby who holds position
    10:45 Nuclear forehand 2!
    11:21 Sick backhand pass
    11:45 Mesmerizing deep overhead.
    12:11 Rally of the match topped off by a GOAT forehand
    14:52 Fed's amazing footwork and lateral quickness in it's greatest example

  6. I'd watch this beautiful, precise match all-day long instead of Novak Boringovic's constant defense and return of balls in a weak modern era of tennis.

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