Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin VivoSmart HR – COMPARISON

– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin VivoSmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin VivoSmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2
– Garmin Vivosmart HR

– Fitbit Charge 2 Review
– Garmin Vivosmart HR Review


Fitbit Charge HR vs Garmin Vivosmart HR
Garmin Vivosmart HR vs Fitbit Charge HR

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36 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin VivoSmart HR – COMPARISON

  1. Sophie Snack

    Jim, great review. I went for garmin vivosmart hr but had to return it. Sad because I loved it. It is dawm to large and bulking for a girl. To make it look more discret I wore it on the inside of my wrist and the hr sensor started digging painfully into the tender skin. No way I would use it 24/7. I want to stick to garmin but they do not have a female size friendly band with all those features. Just to hv a fitness back I backed to Vivofit 3 paired with a chest ANT+ band. So no notifications, weather info, etc. Just basic… but worthy. Did I miss any band as performant as Vivosmart HR but "mini wowen size", dedicated to runners??? Frustrating. No fitbit please.

  2. Eric DeCoursey

    My vivosmart hr band did actually snap when I was playing basketball, however I was able to call Garmin and get an entirely new watch for free as a one time courtesy

  3. KARASU357

    I love my Fitbit Charge 2, it is my first Fitbit device. Other members in my family have the Fitbit Alta. I prefer the larger screen and HR monitor of the Charge 2 over the Alta…

  4. Bad Drivers of Columbus, Georgia

    As a Charge 2 owner, I really do love it, but I honestly don't get why they can't make it water resistant. I mean, it's not a dealbreaker by any means, but if Garmin can do it, why not Fitbit? It can be worn in the shower without issue, though.

  5. Following the Map

    I have had my Vivosmart hr since march. Go with the Fitbit if you are worried about screen scratching.

  6. Michael Cantatore

    Anyone watching this video should go read the reviews for the Fitbit Charge 2 on Amazon before buying. My family and I are long time Fitbit users and I was all set to buy the Charge 2 until I read the reviews and saw all the issues with the step counting innacuracies. I checked the internet and it seems like it's an ongoing issue with this model. Also many owners say the screen scratches really easily. I am very upset, but glad I didn't click "BUY" just yet.
    So now I'm looking for alternatives and I think it's going to be the Garmin, especially after watching this video. I needed to find one that works with MyFitnessPal and this one hits the mark.

  7. Audrey Adams

    Thank you! Your review really helped me in deciding between garmin vivosmart hr and the fitbit charge 2. I chose the latter due to its sleek looks, ability to change straps, automatic recognition of an activity and daily goals set . For me having texts messgs or other smart watch capabilities dont matter as I have my phone for that and as I dont swim I dont care for water proof either. I ordered the fitbit charge 2 and hope i'll be pleased with it

  8. Truth Talker

    I went with the Garmin. I was a Fitbit fanatic for the the better part of 1-1/2 years, however the company does not build products that last. In 1-1/2 years I went through 5 Fitbit charge hr bands. None of them lasted longer than 4 months. Heck Fitbit sent me a replacement that was defective and did not work when it arrived… I would be cautious with buying anything Fitbit.. my Garmin has worked without issues for the last 3 months..

  9. Panzer Obi

    I would go with the charge 2. It simply looks better and not as cheap as the garmin and also has a few neat features. Thanks for this great review! Now they just have to make it waterproofed and it would be the perfect gadget.

  10. Saurav Ghosh

    So the alarm doesn't vibrate for long? For how long does it vibrate? And for incoming calls does it vibrate once or till the call keeps ringing?

  11. Meg Parker-Jasper

    had the Mio fuse which broke and the vivosmart HR which broke too. love the vivosmart hr and looks so much better than the fitbit. functions are much better to. just a shame I keep breaking stuff.

  12. Theosis Northam

    Cheers, great review..

    I am looking to by a fit watch, I had one of the Mio watches at a time when if was the first watch to offer heart monitoring at the wrist, but found I could not to Olympic style weights lifting with it on, without it 'cutting' into the top of my hand.

    I am currently looking at a few options and the fitbit charge is right up there, though that is partly cause a few people I know use them and we can do fitbit 'challenges' and social stuff..

    Money is not so much a factor compared to getting the device that I like and will help me track my life..

    With that in mind do you have a suggestion?

    What is your main fit watch?

    What do you think of the Samsung Gear fit 2?

    All suggestion, comments would be welcomed..

    Cheers T.

  13. xxALBAxx

    Don't buy Fitbit until they explain the large amount of people like me who can't wear they're devices without getting arthritic pain in your arm. The company line is we're unaware of any problem with their devices. Google fitbit pain in wrist and you'll see for yourself.

  14. sassi berbar

    Hi guys
    I used both,

    First I used the fitbit charge HR, since i consider the HeartRating very important, the

    the advantages :
    1) the app very simple and constructive
    2) you can use the built in gps of your phone if needed (smart way to reduce the price)
    after 6 months using it (never used it under shower or swimming), I got a bulge (an air bubble) just under the screen, I continue to use it normally thinking that under that silicone coat there must be a protection, but no the fitbit stopped working.

    Second, Because I loved the Garmin VivoSmart HR in the Reviews, and loved the fact of 50m waterproof, I bought one.

    the advantages:
    1) The build-in materials are better, with the shock adsorber and you will not feel wearing it at all, even snugged.
    2) The move reminder (remember that our human body machine should not be still more than 1 hour max) is very important option, that in the fitbit you get to pay for it I guess.
    3) The calories are calculated taking in consideration the HeartRate as the major factor.

    1) The stupid app, did you know that the app won't work without internet, I travel over the world a lot and each time I end up in a county having not data roaming, so the app at that time is meaningless (contrary to the fitbit), and there is even more stupid than that, since you are travelling in different countries you need to change the alarm, but oops, you can't because the app won't work because there is no internet (why would i need the internet for, to see my stats stored in the band or in the phone).
    2) the app is overloaded and not organised at all

    I would choose the fitbit with better build-in material for waterproofing.
    I am still using the Vivosmart HR, and they will get huge credits if only they change their app.

  15. sassi berbar

    Hi guys

    One thing which I consider as well very important, the Calories counting.

    I know for sure that Fitbit and Garmin are not using the same algorithm to calculate the calories, since I used both, I can tell that fitbit Charge HR is giving you always less than the reality, and thats though real experience. whereas the Vivosmart HR tend to over calculating but I am still not totally sure about that, normally garmin is more accurate since they are using the HR in their algorithm to calculate the calories.

    If any one has an info regarding that please share

  16. Michael C

    Love my Fitbit charge 2!
    I really don't see the huge deal in it not being waterproof.. do you really need to swim or shower with it on?
    the interchangeable bands, build quality, comfortableness and auto detect exercise is what I like the best. and the Fitbit app is really laud out well and organized.

  17. Jan Hoos

    Beautifull shots and a nice review! Thanks!

    I was wondering when you showed the heart-rate monitor band's from Polar. Can those be used with the Garmin and the fitbit?

  18. Thomas Spohn

    Garmin's customer service is way better my regular Garmin vivo smart stoped working and they sent me a Garmin vivosmart hr for free

  19. FunkyFreshFritz

    I rather wait another 6-12 months…. those smartwatch-fitness-tracker devices are not quite there yet…. there is too much buzz on the market right now,… wait for consolidation and you'll get a better bang for your buck


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