Four Golf Courses Will Soon Open in Bay County


COUNTY BAY, FL. (WJHG / WECP) – The number of open golf courses in Bay County has dropped considerably after Hurricane Michael.

The golf courses currently open are Signal Hill, Shark's tooth and Holiday.

These courses have reported a significant increase in activity in recent months.

Chip Vickers, Head of Signal Hill Golf Course, said: "The days have been very busy every day, we have to adapt people to the maximum, we are overloaded every day, we can and try to adapt those who do not have a departure time. "
Extra deals are always welcome for golf courses, but for passionate golfers, having more people on the course is not necessarily a good thing.

Mike Pinfold, a golfer, said, "I would say that the average golfer is touched because the fewer golf courses here, the more golfers we have on open ground, so there is sometimes a small problem with the golf course. waiting, but overall, I think we're all grateful to be here and play on the open courses. "

Hurricane Michael has inflicted significant damage on both routes, but plans to reopen his Nicklaus course on March 1st.

Ryan Mulvey, General Manager of Bay Point Golf Course, said, "We are probably more concerned than anyone with opening up and bringing people back to the golf course, which we love to do. Phenomenal product, which we think is one of the best courses in the panhandle of Florida. "

As to whether another opening course will equal the number of players on each, only time will tell.