Four US soldiers die; Trump plays golf

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The U.S. Army’s Special Forces are known as the “quiet professionals.” They don’t seek fame or glory, but when soldiers are killed in action the decent thing to do is to acknowledge the sacrifice these soldiers made in service of their country.

On October 5, 2017, four soldiers assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group were killed by IS forces while operating in Niger.

While the remains of the fallen soldiers were returned by an honor guard to the United States, our “president” Donald Trump played golf. I guess he couldn’t be bothered with welcoming home those fallen soldiers.

For someone who claims to honor the military as much as he claims, the deaths of four American soldiers seems to be of less import to Trump than his Twitter war with Sen. Bob Corker, his spat with the NFL, “fake news” and whatever other bullshit drama he comes up with. As much as Trump loves to tweet whatever stupid fucking thing that pops into his degenerate brain, Trump hasn’t made any tweets yet regarding the four dead soldiers, or made much of  any public statements aside from the obligatory White House statement.

The reason why is obvious: Trump doesn’t care. The only reason he made a big show out of the death of Navy SEAL Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens earlier this year was to use the image of Owens’ grieving widow for political gain. It really is a despicable practice, but it’s what Trump does. He doesn’t respect the military. His whole life is a testament to that.

He dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, compared his time at a military-styled prep school to actually serving, mocked Senator John McCain, a former POW, and insulted the Muslim family of a US Army Captain who died in Iraq. This was all known before he was even elected, so if you voted for Trump thinking he is truly behind the military then you’re a fucking moron. And if you’re a veteran and you still support Trump then you’re a fucking hypocrite because Trump represents everything that America is not and I have no respect for you.

While it’s true that Trump really doesn’t give two fucks about our service members, I wonder if there is some other reason the White House is trying to brush this off. After all, four American soldiers died. Doesn’t that deserve more attention?

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