French professional doubles: a fifth edition at the Golf de Bassin Bleu

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The Meeting organizes for the fifth consecutive edition the French professional doubles internationals. As every two years alternating with the Golf of Bourbon, it is the magnificent Golf of the Blue Basin which will be the case of this competition on three tours from 22 to 24 November.

This year, in the absence of the French number one Alexander Levy, present in 2017, and his runner-up in the national ranking Mike Lorenzo-Vera, both left to play the World Cup Golf, it is the number three French Matthieu Pavon , associated with Xavier Poncelet as last season, who will be the headliner of the French professional double internationals. The young Bordeaux native has come back home after missing the Race to Dubai final. He arrives at the meeting to prepare for his big comeback at the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open next week. Another young Habs come to acclimate in the Indian Ocean before going to Mauritius since Romain Langasque arrived Tuesday afternoon after having successfully passed the obstacle of the final of the European cards. The great hope of the hexagonal golf starts a new cycle with great ambitions. It is at the Gulf of Bassin Bleu that this new chapter will begin for the golfer born in Cabris 23 years ago, twice again with Antoine Schwartz, whose thumb is on the road to recovery.

Roussel and Coussaud present to defend their title

Defending champions Robin Roussel and Ugo Coussaud will of course be among the favorites. Logically very motivated by the defense of their trophy, they arrived among the first this week in Reunion. The former winners are also present with Joël Stalter and David Antonelli (2016) and Damien Perrier and Fabien Marty (2015). Charles-Édouard Russo, who has only played five tournaments in two seasons on the Challenge Tour, will be associated this time with Édouard Dubois. They are two former winners. The first in 2014 with François Calmels and the second in 2013 with Baptise Chapellan.

A particularly green route

All this beautiful world will compete on three rounds in fourballs (Thursday and Saturday) and foursomes Friday, on the course surprisingly green Golf Bassin Bleu! "It rained a lot in October on the west of the island of Reunion where the climate is usually drier. And as soon as it rains, the grass grows very, very fast, explained Jean-Marie Hoarau, President of the Reunion Golf League. The players present are there according to their national ranking. And this year, there are many young players who will discover the island. They can be disturbed by Kikuyu (a very popular herb in hot and humid places). "

Reunion golf still wants to grow

The Ligue Réunionnaise and the French Golf Federation have tried to grow even more the event. "It's all the golf of Reunion that seeks to grow, recalled Mr. Hoarau. There are several course projects on the island. All political will must agree, including that of environmentalists. Our competition is very much dependent on local communities and businesses that we have just reached the end of their potential. We now want to go to major metropolitan groups who have interests in Reunion. But we already have the chance to be very well supported by the tourism sector and the IRT. For example, the Vanilla Pro Am organized by Patrice Barquez (December 6 to 16) was refueled for its second edition and it even had to refuse the world. The organization is now well developed for the fifth edition and the volunteers are the same at the Golf de Bourbon and the Golf de Bassin Bleu. Fortunately, because this year it was necessary to manage a lot of crisis situations. "The delicate social climate as in the whole metropolis thus forced the organizers to cancel many animations. Following the barrages of the "yellow vests", the first round on Thursday will also be played in shotgun at 8:00 (everyone leaves at the same time starting from one of the eighteen holes of the course), before the first dams do disrupt traffic and access to the heights of Saint-Gilles …