Friday 15 September 2017 – ordinary golfing

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Well, at least the new Steelhead XRs caught the tail end of my brief Indian summer of good form, as in the past couple of weeks I have re-entered one of those darker periods when nothing much seems to go right, on the course at least. Despite some great sessions on range, when the chips are down and the shots are for real, I have struggled. Particularly off the tee: so much so that I intend to prioritise that aspect of my game when I have a long overdue lesson next week.

The last couple of Tuesdays have featured a Stableford – of which I can recollect nothing other than I failed to score very well! – and another team event, this time the fabled ‘coloured ball’. This seems to be the ideal format for those who wish to lose friends in a hurry, given the possibilities offered by blobbing the hole on which you are the one with the coloured ball and so eligible for double Stableford points and indeed losing the coloured ball or hitting it out of bounds when it’s your turn with the darned thing. We did lose our coloured ball (not me, I am relieved to say) and that, added to our inability to score many points in the conventional manner, saw us nowhere near the prize list.

Today I re-entered winter mode by playing a second weekly round (only from around now till March does the Paddock Plants treadmill allow for this kind of luxury) with John C and, from the 11th onwards, Jim E. The latter was out for a few holes to get back in the swing of things following his being hit in the back of the head by a friend’s tee shot last Saturday. Luckily, despite the impact, which floored him on the fairway, there is no lasting damage and he seems to be back to normal. Might think more seriously about taking some golfing insurance …..

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