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A while ago I was contacted by one of the volunteers running a social club attached, or affiliated, to a non-league football club. They are trying to get some funds together for redeveloping their clubhouse and communal area where the social club is.

I thought that it might help a few of you if I put on here what I told them.

Remember, none of it is rocket science, not all of it is relevant for many clubs, and many of you will already know a lot of them, but even if it helps one person help one club then it’s done it’s job…

“Here’s what I think on where you could go for funding. Or at least where I would start…

Obviously Sport England’s motivation is to increase sports participation, that’s what they are there to do. I think it would be worth having a chat about how and why having a social club might help more people play sport. They are incredibly helpful people there so it’s really worth picking up the phone to them in Loughborough and talking through what you want to do. They may say that their funds aren’t right, but they may know someone who does fit your bill. Please don’t be scared to pick up the phone to them, I’ve done it and they are there to help.

This is the page you want to look at:

The next step would be the xxxxxxxx (county removed for privacy reasons, just insert your own county name here) Sports Partnership. Again, have a think about how the project will get more people playing sport – it doesn’t even have to be football that it supports, you could, for example, say that having the social club could mean you launch a petanque club or team for example, would it mean other sports could take root at the site? Could it mean that other sports become more sustainable in the area because they now have somewhere to meet? Have a think and again, get in touch with them. They exist to give money out and will want to help.

Not sure how these guys will be able to help as they are really about improving facilities very much focussed on football, but if you have a community outreach project, or this could be used to start one, this could be worth exploring:

Do you have any commercially operated landfill sites near you? If so then it could be worth seeing if the operator has any community grant money on offer. I’ve checked your postcode at Biffa Award and there’s not a Biffa operation near enough to you, but there may be another if you have a look?

xxxxxxx county FA
I assume you’ve spoken to your county football development officer? If not then have a chat, they may know local funders that could be relevant for the project.

This could be wroth a look:

Garfield Weston:

Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation:

Henry Smith Charity:

Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust:

Coalfields Regeneration Trust (only open if club is in a former coalfield area):

As you can see, these are all really hot on the community aspect side of things.

I think that’s enough for now, should keep you busy for a while and I hope there’s something useful in there for you.

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