Garmin Edge 820 REVIEW!

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Garmin Edge 820 REVIEW! The Garmin Edge 820 cycling computer is designed for avid cyclists and pretty much brings to the table the best of the Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer and the Garmin Edge 1000 cycling computer. It has a 2.3″ full-color touchscreen display and has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ANT+ for various accessories and sensors. In addition to collecting standard cycling metrics, the Garmin 820 works with Power Meters and heart rate sensors for additional stats. It does have a barometer for your attitude information. Definitely a cool product, probably worth of being on the list of best cycling computers 2016. More to come in the future!

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23 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 820 REVIEW!

  1. warpbros

    I'm also into cycling, please keep doing cycling devices reviews. I would miss the physical keys while cycling as I miss a touch screen while I am setting up the device before or after a ride. I don't know why it cannot have both!

  2. Shadi Musharbash

    I really can't wait till you review the Apple Watch to software and hardware I am a big fan I feel that you have a lot to offer in terms of awareness and letting people know what's up I was going to buy the Garman active HR and tell the Apple Watch to came out now I would like your opinion on it before I make a decision by the way keep up the good work how many subscriber and I plan to follow you through all videos to come thanks Matt

  3. kendallar

    I'm a cyclist (and also a bit of a runner) and just bought the Garmin Vivoactive HR watch. Now, I don't understand why so many of my cyclist friends have these Garmin computers.. I can purchase an HR strap and cadence monitor to pair with my watch for cycling, have all day optical hr monitoring, get my sleep tracked, have running data (including cadence), etc. Glad to see this review… My boyfriend happens to have the 820, and it just further confirms I made the right decision getting a watch instead!!

  4. Dexxyh

    Nice to see this product on your channel! I did hope to see some more footage from the menu's though, like how the navigation screens work etc.

  5. lawor8

    Hey Jeff Bet you can't say "Clever Training" without saying "good friends" in the same sentence……BTW please please do more cycling stuff

  6. angelxt2

    All garmin edge devices look like cheap underpowered phones with ourdated touch interface running slim down customised Android OS. But awesome review!

  7. Vince McK

    pretty happy with the Garmin 520 as it does what I need.  The touch screen would be nicer though.  Ulitmately I am hoping to move up to a 1000 when they update it (1020?) as it does best with maps and gives turn by turn.


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