Garmin fenix 3 HR vs. Suunto Spartan Ultra REVIEW

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Garmin fenix 3 HR vs. Suunto Spartan Ultra // Quick Comparison Video. These are surely two of the most hyped high-end GPS watches on the market right now. I have not done a full Suunto Spartan Ultra review or the Suunto Spartan Sport review, but I’m thinking about it for the future. It’s very similar to the fenix 3, but I think people are still going to prefer the Garmin fenix 3 watch. I have done many many GPS watch reviews and still I say the fenix 3 HR is the best gps watch 2016, though I’m pretty sure I would not say the same of the Suunto Spartan Ultra watch. I don’t do a lot of Suunto watch reviews or just Suunto reviews in general, but I could do more in the future if viewers want.

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Garmin fenix 3 HR Review:

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36 thoughts on “Garmin fenix 3 HR vs. Suunto Spartan Ultra REVIEW

  1. JDM CJM

    And the price point just gets even funnier when you put that thing side by side with the fenix. Well done bro you didn't laugh when you said the price this time :p impressive.

  2. pimpfreaks

    It is actually more than 7 days of battery life for me on the F3HR, I use it everyday as my only watch, activity tracking, all day HR and all kinds of notifications from my phone

  3. Subij Shakya

    I am divided between the Fenix 3 HR and the Gear S3 Frontier. Any ideas on what the Gear S3 is lacking in terms of fitness features in comparison to the Fenix 3. I want to know if the fitness features that the S3 lacks (if any) are things I can deal with and don't really need. plus what would you buy. any opinion is appereciated.

  4. Peter Jagt

    Hi Jeff, I have a Fenix 3 HR, after going through your reviews 🙂 and as you say I like to personalize my watch a bit. So I purchased a yellow wristband (there are some really nice yellow containing watch faces!). But after a month or so wearing it almost every day, the band looks dirty and the nice bright color has gone. Have heard that before? Do you know what to do? Apart from sending it back…
    Hope to hear from you! I like your YouTube channel. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Cheers Peter from The Netherlands

  5. eurohit

    Jeff, what watch is the best for bodybuilding ? Can you make a video about it ? I use Polar M400 + chest strap and "Strength Training" mode but maybe there're other better options with more precise measurements. All reviews are about running but nobody review non-cycling training.

  6. 5croobius

    When I bought my fenix I thought I'd really miss the touch screen of my fitbit surge. I was surprised how unnecessary it was, I can see how it isnt needed at all on the Suunto.

  7. Ricardo Villagran Vicent

    When I got my Fenix 2 I was deciding between that and the Ambit3, and I am glad I went the Garmin way. The next upgrade will be either a Fenix 3 HR or a 735XT. I don't see what would be any benefit of the Suunto over the Garmin. Love your videos, thanks for sharing!

  8. Edgar Eugenio Fernández Soto

    If I want to Buy Fénix 3 HR, is ir a good moment to do it? Or should i wait little more for a new Fénix (4 maybe)? What do you know about it? Thanks

  9. jbone66

    I use my Garmin Fenix 3 HR regularly while my Suunto Ambit3 sits on the sidelines. Like you said, the Fenix 3 HR is customizable including the watch band. The band is very easy to change out. Well done on the comparison – The Spartan Ultra is thick!

  10. BigDRunnin

    Love my fenix 3. Thanks for the vids Jeff. I had a MS Band 2…broke twice on me…..all your videos made me decide on the Fenix 3, and it was well worth breaking the bank for it

  11. Sigrún Eir Héðinsdóttir

    I would love to see a rewiew of smart watches that have a great tech like the Garmin watch here ..I would love that one and all the features off it in an watch made for females. I love the new Garmin Vívomart HR. that is smaller ..but still not female smart on the hand. I think the market has a gab here they need to fill. the bigger more expensive onces from good brands are all made manly looking. if you find some female smartwatches for comparing please go for it. otherwise great videos man :)

  12. Rob Montgomery

    Shame the Fenix 3 HR is not a supported device in the new version of Connect IQ. For a watch that is only like 6-8 months old, kind of surprising that they didn't include the F3HR. The new Chronos will be a compatible device with the new Connect IQ. Not like this breaks the watch or anything, but would be nice to have that young of a device be compatible.

  13. Oscar Sanchez

    Hi Jeff (RizKnows), I am interested on the Fenix HR 3, but i don't want to pay full price as I am not in a hurry to get it. Do you know if your friends at CleverTraining, Best Buy or Amazon will have it on sale during the holidays? Thanks for your time and all the videos. They are a great tool for people like me who like to work out and keep up with technology at the same time.

  14. L_Blood

    I kinda prefer the suunto design which is greater than the Fenix 3 But we have to admit that the fonctionnality are awesome on the fenix. I also miss the screen which isn't that great :(

  15. Spitfire

    The Fenix just covers so many areas and it looks like a rich watch the Suunto looks too minimalist it looks ok but I cannot see young professionals wearing it to work


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