Garmin VIRB 360 Tests – 5.7k stitched in Mistika

These are some test shots on the Garmin VIRB 360, shot in 5.7k RAW and downsampled to 4k in post. Rough stitched in Mistika VR with minimal post.

You can see our full review here:

6 thoughts on “Garmin VIRB 360 Tests – 5.7k stitched in Mistika

  1. Carl Charter

    Great review, many thanks. Your underwater footage is stitched very clearly without the 'panels' I see in other reviews. Have you any other footage underwater? Are there settings I should know about to stitch underwater footage more clearly?

  2. John M Flores

    Thanks for doing this! Did you notice a big difference? What about stabilization? Can you apply even if you don't use the Garmin software?

  3. Cyber Gasty

    Great video. Youtube videos from Virb 360 were not convincing, when I looked at them in May and June, and I was hesitating to give it a try. Finally, I bought Virb360, after I downloaded a video, that someone posted, as a raw file on Dropbox. Now looking at your video it is amazing, and I am even more convinced I did the right thing. However, for personal use we have to wait a little bit, until more affordable programe for raw stitch comes out, and with a descent price for non-professional use. Buying a cam for 800 bucks and paying a monthly fee of 49 dollars/month for stitching a video or two, from time to time, is still too expensive for the benefit you get.


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