GIVEAWAY: The MyGolfSpy Staff Bag Tag

There are some wildly talented people in this world.

Just spend 5 minutes on the search feature in Instagram and you will no doubt have to agree (Since it’s the internet I also know you will try and disagree).

The internet has given a voice and a canvas to all those that were given a talent.  Their gift of genius no matter how big or small can lead you down a many of rabbit hole.  One of those rabbit holes is what brings us to our article today.

I went down a rabbit hole, and this is what I found.

I have seen just about everything in golf.  That was until I ran in to a post by a guy that ran something called BloodSweatAndThread.  For all the other cut and paste designs and people in and around golf, I quickly realized this guy, well he was different.  In a good way.

If you have followed MyGolfSpy for sometime you have no doubt seen some of his designs.  We loved them so much we had him design our staff bag tags here at MGS. One of which we will be giving away to you today.

You might see this as just another bag tag made just another guy.  We see it as something much different.  This is a representation of everything we are about.

The truth is black and white, so are our tags. MyGolfSpy is different, so are our tags. The team that makes up MyGolfSpy is small but intensely passionate, so was the man behind the design. We give a damn about giving a damn, so does BloodSweatAndThread.


  1. He doesn’t have a website but he does have Instagram, give him a follow.
  2. In the comments section, tell us why you read MyGolfSpy.

That’s it.


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