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In my last few posts I’ve talked about getting my golf handicap. But what is a handicap? Well…that’s a very good question….

A golf handicap system was constructed, in a bid to level the playing field for everyone. The idea being that every golf course has a ‘par’ score, and your handicap reflects how many more shots you need in order to play to par. For example, if a golf course is par 72, and you play it in 99 shots, then your handicap will be 27 (99 shots – 72 par = 27 handicap). If par is 70 and you play it in 75 shots, then your handicap will be 5 (75 shots – 70 par =5 handicap).

I’ve been on a mission since I started playing again, to get my handicap. I wanted it so that I could gauge how I was playing. Your handicap also allows you to compete in competitions, but most importantly is a number that you will forever try to improve (the lower the handicap, the better). I used to play off a handicap of 10, now my handicap is 20. That means at present, I need 10 more golf shots than I needed when I was playing at my best. So for me, my goal next year is to get back down to 10, if not better. 

Clear as mud? I was going to call this blog, ‘a dummies guide to handicaps’ but the truth is, I’m still learning all the time about different rules/regulations on handicaps and rules of golf – so whose the dummy?!  It’s difficult as a golfer to try and break down the jargon that comes with the game. We talk about birdies, bogeys and eagles, slicing, hooking and shanking. It’s like another language, and one you do start to speak fluently once you start playing more. 

I do hope this helps a little, so you understand what a handicap is and why I keep talking about it! If any of you have any questions about how to get started or go about getting a handicap, please just ask….

Penny x 

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