Golf Lives: A Short Film (Clean)

Golf Lives is an unprecedented immersion into our brand through the eyes of an American rap legend. Brad Jordan’s (aka Scarface) career in music spans three decades, throughout which he’s collaborated with Tupac, Jay Z, Nas and influenced every great modern MC. At Callaway, we also know him as a passionate golfer who, when not in the studio or on the road, works on his game daily.

Director: Sarah Rinaldi
Director of Photography: Jason Thompson
Editor: Anthony Cortese
Agency: KIMBA

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  • Callaway thanks for posting. You did a good job with this video. Great video. How can the average golfer get fit by Callaway at the Carlsbad facility. Thanks for sharing Brads experience with us.

  • Zooop… This made as much sense as if Greenpeace made a 10-minute film about the joy of 70s muscle cars. Oh but wait a tick. I see in my "Up Next" tile, there's an Explicit version. I guess that would answer the question "why"???

  • "You can lie to yourself. You can't lie to that golfcourse. I can cheat you. I can't cheat that golfcourse. You can give me this putt, but the golfcourse won't. Golf is the best game, you will never learn how to play." – Brad "Scarface" Jordan

  • Thank you for having the forsite and guts to feature a legendary hip hop figure such as Brad Jordan aka Scarface to represent your brand. I applaude you for literally making me rethink golf as a sport and have made me commit to purchasing your product. I'm now going to re-start my late 40's off learning golf thanks to you and your bravery. Salute.

  • Matt Schewe, PGA Director of Instruction, was in the video toward the end. Brad is one of his students and friends. Great video!