Golf Lives: A Short Film (Explicit)

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Golf Lives is an unprecedented immersion into our brand through the eyes of an American rap legend. Brad Jordan’s (aka Scarface) career in music spans three decades, throughout which he’s collaborated with Tupac, Jay Z, Nas and influenced every great modern MC. At Callaway, we also know him as a passionate golfer who, when not in the studio or on the road, works on his game daily.

Director: Sarah Rinaldi
Director of Photography: Jason Thompson
Editor: Anthony Cortese
Agency: KIMBA

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30 thoughts on “Golf Lives: A Short Film (Explicit)

  1. Allan Butler

    never said if he managed to break 90??? Nice looking set none the less and looks like a pretty cool experience getting fit @ callaway HQ

  2. Brenton Ford

    I can say, those Apex CF 16's are amazing! Great feature guys, love your work. How do I get a job at Callaway in Australia?

  3. Edward Rosenstock

    Callaway has been doin some great marketing, kinda surprised by it. I grew up listening to geto boys, always cool to see Someone that didn't grow up at country clubs get into the greatest game ever played, kinda bummed that I went ping, ha!

  4. Chinedu Akwukwaegbu

    Great video and cool way to grow the game. I bought my 1st set of golf clubs 3yrs ago at a Costco store. They were the Callaway Razr set. Been playing them now and gradually getting my game into a decent shape, along with taking a few lessons every 4 months. I think it's safe to say that I will always rep Callaway & when it comes time to upgrade, I will save and see how I can get the custom fitting experience @ the Performance Center in Carlsbad.

  5. Jesse Goutermont

    He pretty much nailed what every golfer thinks when they drop the ball at 18… go home clean off the clubs and come back out and do it tomorrow. Cool video!

  6. Lamp Deziluchi

    +Callaway golf If you want more stories from "guys how wouldn't normally think play the game" I'm a caddie at Olympia Fields C&C IL currently– been to Cali and also caddie EL Cab in Tarzana I want to start making golf Films and YouTube Vids on caddies and C&C life. My name on twitter Blac_Oliver I've got the sauce, 18yrs in the game. I play also

  7. peteyalyanak

    I'm sure these guys could have went and got some goofy new school rapper who plays golf to do this but they went and got a living legend elite emcee instead.. for that you have my respect and my money too if I ever start playing golf lol #Callaway

  8. Mike Honcho

    I'm over 50, white, don't/wouldn't listen to rap and never even heard of this guy. But I sure would love to play a round of golf with him. Passion for the game is what it's all about and who you are as a person doesn't matter at the course, the game defines you. To the folks at Callaway, thanks for the video and MANY thanks for creating the Alpha 1.5 Mini Driver!

  9. szabo

    I've played that course in Pearland, and the first hole is short with narrow fairway. I lol'd when he pulled driver

  10. Pin Seeker

    I saw he had the apex irons…I hit the forged irons and they feel like sweet melted butter. feeling the right vibrations from impact, through the shaft, into the grip and your fingers is unexplainable until you hit that perfect 5 yard draw smothering the pin.

    P.S. a round with Scarface is atop my bucket list now

  11. Cameron Barber

    Honestly every other golf company needs to take notes on Callaway's marketing. They made a huge change over the recent years and I LOVE IT! The customer service is amazing and the products are even better. Thank you for breaking the rules for golf and not making it so uppty.

  12. Tom Hunt

    You guys are the best….. I really want a Callaway Apex Forged 3 iron but l cant afford it, l hope one of you guys can help me out???

  13. Armando Salas

    Seeing this gives so much inspiration, as a young man from Houston it's good to see normal people even rap legends enjoying the game of golf and props to callaway for showing that this isn't just a privaledged country club sport anymore. Golf is a sport for everyone to enjoy, Thanks you Callaway!

  14. Satan's Loyal Minion

    Scarface is aging in a way only I can hope will be the same once I reach that age. Kudos to you Brad!


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