Here’s everything you could possibly want to know about comparing these two action cams. Seriously. Everything.

VIRB Ultra 30:
GoPro Hero5 Black:


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  • Hi, I went from gopro and I'm interested of Virb but i don't find complete comparation in term of view angle. Have some opinion for this topic? The difference is so great? thanks

  • So the Garmin can connect via Bluetooth to an external headset such as the Sena 20S, and the GoPro can't? Does the Garmin's Bluetooth allow it receive voice commands from a headset?

  • Great review. Been using my Ultra 30, along with Forerunner 235/Edge 520 for ten days. Using two .fit G-Metrix files has been a chore, Virb Edit makes overlays per clip in a long video a case in frustrations, as you need to hit each clip individually. Even on my 12 Core XEON with tons of CUDA cores from Nvidia, the rendering in 4k is ponderous. Other than that, I love it! The lack of a gyro, and the mount eco-system is really sparse, as you suggest. Going to order the Hero 5 Black, and do a side by side. This cyclist, like you, wishes the choice was easier!

  • Android Virb app doesnt work properly. It will not keep a connection to the Virb Ultra. Also, you need a 4k video card just to run the latest version of Virb Edit on your PC. Camera is awesome, software support is horrible so far.

  • Guys because I have to buy a cam action, I would like to know which is better between the go pro Hero 5 black and garmin virB 30 Thanks

  • i don't understand how you can say vested in gopro gear vs other brands. The batteries are different for the 5 black so other than mounts that can be adapted to any camera where is your vesting? I mean its not like you have a DSLR and a bunch of lenses. Its a Action cam that if you go with any of those you mentioned your real additional cost is going to be the batteries. With any of these you will have to buy new anyway.

    So where is your vesting?

  • I've used your site for advice and a close look at many of my purchases. Thanks for another awsome review. These 2 cams are great… still a hard decision :/