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On the eve of the final tournament of this year’s FedExCup Championship, Tiger Woods still has the opportunity to pick up his first win at Eastlake. This might be a huge surprise to most golf fans seeing that he just started playing competitively on the PGA Tour less than a year ago.

It looks like Tiger’s back troubles are a thing of the past. He has played pain-free golf since he first teed it off in the Bahamas last December. Fans are wondering when he will finally breakthrough and pick up his first victory in years.

Many thought he could even win a major this year. He made the cut at 3 of the 4 majors this year, which is a huge step from where he was a year ago. If you would have asked if Tiger could even be competitive in a major last year at this time, a large majority would have probably said there was no chance.

Tiger Woods has made great strives this year. He has given himself a chance to win in a handful of tournaments. If Woods can find a way to win at Eastlake, he will exceed all expectations this year. The PGA Tour and golf fans have so much to look forward to next year.

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