27 thoughts on “Heckler called out at Ryder Cup

  1. mizuhonova

    Could someone explain why this is so impressive? I don't play golf but that ball looks super close to the hole and should be an easy shot for anyone who plays regularly.

  2. Jeremy D

    I love how in the background of the shot before the guy putts, you hear someone say "this guy has no chance" or something to that extent.. perfect.

  3. Chccy

    If PEPE is now a hate symbol, then chanting USA, USA needs to be banned immediately. Also, take that fucking "brexit" flag away from that man.

  4. William Javier

    If you tried to play golf and couldn't I am sorry for you. Some of the best days of my life was playing golf with my Dad. A gentleman's game he said and taught me. You should have tried harder. You might have learned to be a gentleman. But you gave up. You reap what you sow brother.

  5. Lynara Johnson

    This was an interesting incident. All competitive activities perpetuate war mentality. We are a planet ruled by war mongers.

  6. Poet of the Piano

    USA !USA ! USA! . Sounds really moronic the way they chant it. Makes them sound like dicks!! which of course they are. IN THE HOLE!!!!!! .The hole is over 400 yards long….need i say more.

  7. James Hamidy

    to all the douchebags commenting on America making noise. pipe down. when the Ryder is in Europe they can't go 5 seconds without chanting "ole' ole' ole' ole'" stop being uptight assholes and enjoy the emotion of the Ryder Cup.


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